Highs (and some lows) of 2016 via year in review top 10

As 2016 comes to a close, there are high and low points for the year that should be remembered. If nothing else 2016 was a year of elections. From the Presidential to the local, elections were the top story in the 24/7 news cycle. With that came emotions, the display of which sometimes caused violence. Still, some emotions were from the loss of cherished entertainers, leaders, and friends.

For M V Consulting, Inc., 2016 was an active year. It started with the exclusive breaking news of George Phillips entering the New York 22nd congressional race. It kicked off a year-long review and reporting of all the candidates that would enter and leave on of the most contested and closely watched races in the nation. Coverage that only just ended with our publishing of the unedited video taken at the celebration of Congresswoman-elect Claudia Tenney at Vernon Downs on December 27, 2016.

But 2016 was not just about one controversial election battle. It was about several of them. The NY 52nd State Senate race, and the media created controversy late in the race. The rollercoaster of the Broome County Executive race. And of course the Presidential election.

It was in January that former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson enetered the race for the Libertarian Party, a move that would ultimately elevate the Party to new heights of awareness among the public. At the same time the massive Republican field shrank with relative quickness to a singular candidate that a year earlier could not have been guessed to lead the Party – Donald Trump. In opposition, completely as expected, Hillary Clinton cleared the field of Democrats – with some difficulty once again from a source few would have every expected in Sen. Bernie Sanders – to lead her Party. And by the end of the year, after a landslide of revelations of intra-Party manipulation, FBI investigations, influence peddling, and rumors of health issues, the next President, Donald Trump, was picked as a nation bemoaned the lack of choice and quality in the election.

While it felt like there was nothing but election politics happening, a great deal of other things did happen in 2016. There was the continuing battle over the 2nd Amendment, the NY SAFE Act, and the internal battle of one of the lead opponents to that State law, SCOPE NY. There were attacks on the 1st Amendment, continued economic fears (including at the State level), wasteful spending by Government, as well as the emergence of media fueled, politically motivated, hate – with devastating results. And of course there were the never ending problems of Iran, North Korea, acts of terrorism, and the recurring issues from ISIS.

2016 was also a year of great loss. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia, former First Lady Nancy Reagan, longtime former State Senator Tom Libous, Muhammad Ali, singers Prince and David Bowie, actresses Carrie Fisher and then her mother Debbie Reynolds, are just a few. Singer George Michael, actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, astronaut and Senator John Glenn, journalist Gwen Ifill, former Attorney General Janet Reno, golfing great Arnold palmer, comedic actor Gene Wilder, and beloved Harry Potter and Die Hard actor Alan Rickman. There have been more, many more. Enough for many to wish the year could end just a bit sooner before more can be lost.

2016 was also a year of change. That took on many forms for many people. For M V Consulting, it meant the end of our 3 year partnership with Examiner.com. But it also meant the creation of our podcast, NO Soundbites Allowed.

2016 was a year of goals and continued effort. M V Consulting published our 2,000th article in this year. In addition, we are now at our 10th anniversary, having started blogging and commentary in December 2006. A decade of work, videos, interviews and speeches. Speeches like at the 2nd Annual Bring Back America Festival in Norwich, NY by M V Consulting president Michael “Vass” Vasquez. And lots of interviews.

Between the NO Soundbites podcasts (59 episodes for 2016), and this blog, there were over a dozen interviews with candidates running for election. Candidates included those for local County and Assembly races to Senatorial candidates (and representatives for a Presidential candidate), covering Colorado, New York and New York City, Nevada, and more. There were some 9 interviews with elected officials, Chairmen of political parties, and former politicians – including Councilmen Giovanni Scaringi & Conrad Taylor and Councilwoman Dani Cronce, Broome County Republican Chairman Bijoy Datta, Madison County Conservative Party Chairman Chris Kendall.

Indeed, 2016 has been quite the year. But without further ado, we present the TOP 10 articles, podcasts and videos of 2016:

Top 10 Articles

    1) Why is Kim Myers running for Congress and what will she do?
    2) A deep analysis, and prediction, for NY 22nd congressional race
    3) Conflict in SCOPE NY
    4) What do we know now about Legislator Kim Myers?
    5) Will political donor Steve Wells be another NY-22 candidate?
    6) News media distribute misinformation in NY 52nd State Senate race
    7) Is Aaron Price a candidate or attention seeker in congressional race?
    8) Commentary: Saving the country she loves – Lily Tang Williams
    9) Black Lives Matter enters Binghamton, NY with questionable causes
    10) Discussing Steve Wells, NY corruption, and pay to play tactics in NY politics

(Articles in Top 10 not written in 2016 – Caucuses and Primaries: what are they and why have them, Reagan Coalition goes way out of context, Numbers matter for US deficit and interest rate
What exactly is an “undocumented worker”?, How many members of Congress are currently receiving a pension?, So how much does it cost for President Obama to golf?)

TOP 10 NO Soundbites Allowed podcasts

  • Interview with Nevada State Senate candidate Kim Schjang
  • 68th Assembly candidate interview: Daby Carreras; Infrastructure revisioned; Nancy Pelosi calls foul
  • Discussing immigration, and our first interview – Councilman Giovanni Scaringi
  • Exclusive Interview: Binghamton Councilwoman Dani Cronce
  • NYS Senate Candidate Alex Merced interview; Martin Babinec at Spiedie Fest; empty words of politicians
  • Exclusive: Talking Constitutional Militia with George Curbelo
  • Condolences to the Libous family – Presidential election & impact on NY-22 race – Upcoming changes & contacting us
  • Saving America from becoming China – Lily Tang Williams, Colorado Senatorial candidate
  • Commentary vs hit jobs – 1st Amendment – Contact, Events, and Sincere Thanks
  • Donna Brazile, corruption, and the public vote
  • TOP 10 videos (found at MVConsultingInc)

  • Black Lives Matter comes to Binghamton NY with a protest

  • Exclusive: NY-22 Candidate George Phillips in Vestal NY with AFRTC

  • Legislator Kim Myers ill prepared for congressional run?

  • George Phillips announces (again) run for Congress in Endwell, NY

  • Exclusive: NY-22 Candidate Claudia Tenney in Vestal NY with AFRTC

  • Binghamton Chamber of Commerce Debate – Q&A – Martin Babinec, Kim Myers, Claudia Tenney

  • George Phillips discusses his 2016 campaign and questions from news media

  • Spontaneous call to WUTQ Talk of the Town on Steve Wells and NY-22 race

  • Kim Myers and Michael Vasquez spar on WUTQ

  • Exclusive Interview: NY 52 State Senator Fred Akshar interviewed

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