Facebook Commentary: Live tweets of 3rd Presidential debate of 2016

The following are a repost of the live tweets made on October 19, 2016, by Michael “Vass” Vasquez. These were also reposted on Facebook. We provide this to the public to open debate and encourage voters to do their own homework before voting in November.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

About time that the Prez debate addresses the Supreme Court choices. Possibly the most important factor in the race. #debate

Hillary has never been supporter 2nd Amend. Legal gun owners aren’t problem. Misquoting gun deaths to include suicide is deceptive.#debate

It is in conflict. SAFE Act made millions criminals just because of legal ownership #debate2016

Health care is NOT a constitutional right. No matter where you stand, creating constitutional rights dont make them so. That’s dictatorship

DEms in NYS have supported abortions as late as 6 months – and voted against limit at month 5. That’s the Clinton position. #debate2016

There goes the Clinton smile. She doesn’t like this obviously. Amnesty rewards criminal action. ILLEGAL immigration is a crime. #debate

Didn’t Obama promise immigration reform in first 100 days in 2008? But Dems used Hispanics and ignored them after election. #debate2016

Ok, Bigly is NOT a word. Stop saying that. #debate2016

Wait, wikileaks is bad NOW. But it was fine against Bush. 2 faced. #debate2016 And that does not mean leak is false

No proof wikileaks is from Russia. More important, they are doing job media won’t. #debate2016

Have to say thus far Chris Wallace is the most involved & in control moderator of the debates thus far. Which says a lot about prior #debate

Raising min wage does not help small biz and hurts the poor. Look up the research. An informed voter does not get swayed by emotion #debate

Upstate NY remembers the promise of Sen. Clinton – 200,000 jobs promised, 30,000 actually lost. Clinton economics. #debate2016

Eliminating debt? It doubled. Another Clinton lie. And we trust she won’t raise taxes? #debate2016

Here comes the attack on Trump about china products

Clinton lies again. She flipped on TPP #debate2016

Slam. 30 yrs of experience with nothing to show. Facts hurt. #debate2016

Hillary has had 2 years to prepare, what accomplishment has she had in past 20 yrs? Couldn’t answer it before, and now? #debate2016

Trump was weakest on Supreme Court, but gained momentum since. #debate2016

Look at Hillary as facts about Clinton campaign actions on rigging fights and political shenanigans. That hit home #debate2016

Clintons want public to focus on bad words as opposed to her bad actions. Not the same nor equivalent comparison. #debate2016

What a slam on emails. Clinton did get to subvert law because of political clout. It is undeniable. #debate2016 Back to emotion for Clinton

About time the Clinton Foundation has come up in #debate Charity that gives 80% to Clinton and not charity

OH! Give back money to Quatar and Saudi Arabia cause they hate gays and women? Won’t happen. #debate2016

Yes Hillary, your tax returns show $1 million donation to Clinton Foundation that spends 80% on Clintons. #debate2016

DNC Primary was rigged. That was proven, ask Wasserman-Schultz. So its not a stretch for Hillary to try. #debate2016

Yes Dems conceded so nicely in 2000 in the courts. #debate2016

Clinton was not appaled when DNC rigged Primary against Bernie. She hired Wasserman not denounced. #debate2016

While I doubt either will mention it I wish they would address the PKK, which may be next threat #debate2016

1.2 million Americans are rumored to be on secret list to deny their rights without notice or recourse. Clinton supports that? #debate2016

I stand corrected, Bigly is a word. Friend pointed it our on Websters. My bad. #debate2016

Less than 2 yrs background check is rushing & no vetting. And most refugees are not women & children. Though women are in ISIS too. #debate

I still ask, why are Syrian refugees more important than Darfur refugees? @POTUS ? @HillaryClinton ? #debate2016

When Hillary says she is reaching out to ALL Americans, does that include “deplorables”? #debate2016

Once again @HillaryClinton lost debate. Didnt take out Trump & several issues finally made it in #debate she was avoiding. Not game changer

Still waiting for @SenGillibrand @KimForCongress to explain why not give back Qatar & Saudi Arbia donations as protest of treat gays/women

While voters may or may not agree with these personal statements, and facts, they should be considered. Most of these tweets and issues will never be addressed by the major media – instead minor side issues will grab the headlines. That is a disservice to the public.

It should also be stated that moderator Chris Wallace did an exceptional job. He was the only moderator to show any level of control over the debates. He was the only moderator to address some of the most important issues as well as relevant controversies of both candidates. While his control of the tone and pace of the debate was not perfect, it was the best display for 2016.

We look forward to your comments.

About the Author

Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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