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Broome County Legislator Kim Myers

On September 28, 2016, a very simple tweet was put out by Michael “Vass” Vasquez. The context of the tweet is Legislator Kim Myers and her well publicized resistance to provide the Broome County D.A. and the school system with retired police officers – that the school system willing wants to pay for – to protect the children in the schools. The timing of this is in some question, as Legislator Myers is seeking the NY-22 seat and to some degree is courting Citizen Action (an extreme political offshoot of the Democrat Party) and Progressives in that election bid.
Broome County Legislator Kim Myers
It is well known that Citizen Action, which is the face of Black Lives Matter in Binghamton, NY, has little positive will for police – as their protests clearly emphasized. Progressives, like the Working Families Party (another offshoot of the Democrat Party), are also known for their social justice efforts. These groups have shown strong support of Common Core and reducing the police presence in Binghamton, to the extreme of causing the cestation of the Human Rights Commission.

That is the background that led to the following tweet:

“Question – Will Kim Myers continue to deny safety of kids just as denied learning with Common Core? All for the benefit of political elites?”

That tweet was reposted on Facebook. There was a very quick response. That discussion is the reason for this commentary, so that the general public can review and consider it for themselves.
Les Platt
Les Platt: Police like people are human. Therefore subject to human strengths and weakness. The criminal justice system evolved from an authoritarian, punitive culture. It continues to evolve toward a more corrective, rehabilitative venue. We need to find ways to improve that movement as apposed to recriminations. Les

Michael Vasquez: So you are saying, in plain english, that you don’t like the police and would like to see less of them. Even as the School system and D.A. are making a request – for a retired police officer – to improve the safety and well-being of students? So I guess that the next time there is a bomb scare, or gang fights, or drug dealers approaching children, parents should call the local crackhead? Because that is what Kim Myers is doing to appease, in my opinion, Citizen Action and BLM and an ultra minority of Progressives – most of whom will never have a stake in the situation nor the future consequences.

And just so everyone can see the exact Tweet – “Question – Will Kim Myers continue to deny safety of kids just as denied learning with Common Core? All for the benefit of political elites?”

Les Platt: I’m not exactly sure where you got the anti police statement from. My comment acknowledge that the criminal justice system is evolving toward a more civilized, justice oriented, correction mentality. I’m in favor of that as I think the larger marjority of the population is. I believe that both moderate democrats and republican are interested in this approach it’s not Partisan as some would make it. Les

I didn’t realize I was involved in a partisan debate. Maybe I should apologize for interfering. Les

Michael Vasquez: Oh I beg to differ., it is highly partisan. My knowledge of Republicans and Democrats across the NY-22, as well as discussions with politicians and candidates across the nation disagree with your assessment. While social justice is a huge cause in college towns and certain cities (especially those with massive and prolonged Dem/Progressive control) and with certain members of the media, the majority of Americans reject it wholesale. Take out the sensationalism, and racial division, of a literal handful of events – often reported inaccurately to emphasize emotional response – and the number goes down lower. The reality is that while there is some cultural issues, the Justice system generally performs as designed. The laws are not the problem.
Michael Vasquez
Feel free to speak out, I encourage it. But understand that this, like most things in life, is political.

Moreso, with Kim Myers, I find it interesting that she is the only Legislator with objection, again as the schools made the request with the support of D.A.. She appears to be very partisan. And it must be noted that the timing is just as she is running for Congress, just as she critically needs the support of Citizen Action in the final days of the race tick by. It seems quite quid pro quo.

But, to the social justice issue, it’s a farce. Take out the emotion and what do you have? Only the most extreme minority believe that crack, meth, and heroin should be as readily available as a Snickers bar, so laws protecting kids and communities are not the problem. Law enforcement, tasked with a thankless job of denying some to protect all, really isn’t the problem – according to a study after Ferguson by Harvard professor Road Fryer. Yes there is a lot of sensationalism, to generate ad revenue for media and gin up emotions for the politically bankrupt in my opinion, but no major problem.

So what is the issue for social justice warriors like Kim Myers, BLM, and Citizen Action? Sentacing. They feel bad for those punished for breaking the law (just like illegal aliens) and thus want the law itself removed and the crimes absolved. A perfect plan for anarchy.

Les Platt: I understand and respect both your back grown and opinion. However you seem to be saying that individual police are not human and don’t respond to prior conditioning. I’ve had a little experience and am currently working on a project to do something about the 70 % Recidivism rate you seem to be ignoring. If you take th sensationalism and inflammatory rhetoric out of the dialog you discover that there are many people throughout the U S and the world studying more civilized criminal justice systems such as Germany’s and trying to understand how to intervene in families who have lived through many generations of stigmatized culture weather it was ethnic or welfare based and design entery level avenues through which people coming out of jail can reprogram themselves. I personally believe that one such avenue is recycling, another is cleaning up the environment, a third is doing something about the environment and a fourth is revitalizing development of interplanetary space.

That of course is as opposed to demonizing police forces, boning civilian populations and continuing to subsidize pollution. Les

Michael Vasquez: But again, without emotion, what is the reality? Judges, forced to be the last line of defense for the public at large, and fighting a culture that advocates drugs and crime over education and success, have issued harsh sentences. I wish someone did a study as I think there is correlation of the commoditization of Black culture and drugs, crime, and incarceration.

Maybe it is wrong for a judge to protect the Black community which suffers disproportionately and massively from Black v Black murder because of drugs and gangs. Maybe more of the drug dealers and addicts should be allowed on the streets sooner, to commit more crimes and violence – the consequence of the actions Kim Myers and Citizen Action are apparently calling for. That at least is an honest discussion, and not what is being offered by the social justice crowd in my opinion. Rather they just want votes and power in the easiest manner possible, and the rest of the community be damned.

So, yes I have a problem with this. And yes this is long. But shortcuts and 30 second soundbites are why we have the problem in the first place.

So it appears that outside of partisan venues we don’t disagree all that much. As for Kim and other political persons one of their jobs is to get elected or and in s political year both parties exagerate and highlight partisan issues. Added to the mix are organized independent voices who seek to obscure any relevant issue for who knows what vested issue. Rest easy. Keep striving. Les

This entire discussion is NOT to attack Les Platt. Nor is it meant to end a discussion, rather to spark it. To that end, your respectful responses are welcome.

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