Commentary: The pay to play of politics or how to get an Ambassadorship to Ireland

Ed Hickey - potential US Irish Ambassador
Ed Hickey - potential US Irish Ambassador

On September 14, 2016, I reposted an article NEW DOCUMENT LEAK: List Shows Top Democratic Donors Were Awarded Ambassadorships And Federal Posts about the leak of Democratic National Committee records showing the apparent connection of donations and political appointments. In addition to that post, I added a comment about my conclusion from the points of the article.

The following is that comment, followed by a response from a Democratic consultant [We apologixe as we provided an incorrect title to Mr. Maidment. That was our error and is now corrected], with followup from me. I will also include a post from September 15, 2016, by Ed Hickey that more gleefully emphasizes the point:

Michael Vasquez: So the DNC does not deny the veracity of the claim that donors were given political appointments in exchange of donations. Where is Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schumer, even Gov. Cuomo and congressional candidate Kim Myers speaking against even the appearance of pay to play and the corruption the appearance places on our Government. Where are these top Dems demanding a review and seeking to hold someone accountable. I won’t ask Hillary “Clinton Foundation ” as her position on the issue seems clear. Or does the Democrat Party only believe everyone but them need to be accountable to the public.”

Quintin Maidment: For better or worse, this is standard practice and was just as common in the bush administration. Its like trying to create a scandall about a political hack getting a job in the county clerk’s office.

Michael Vasquez: All the more reason to call it out now that some transparency exists (no thanks to the promised transparency of the Obama Admin). This is the perfect time for Dems to highlight the issue and first call for and then enact change to end this practice. That is I’d their claims have any validity.

If Kim Myers is even slightly serious about fighting for the public, she can show her resolve here. Pelosi (a major Myers donor) and Reid have been in office for decades and are part of the problem (as is Hillary). Gov. Cuomo – well his 3 corruption investigations (one still on-going as the others cleared out almost everyone around him) say it all there.”

This is the separate response from Ed Hickey on the same subject with the GoFundMe account to go with it –

Ed Hickey - potential US Irish Ambassador

Ed Hickey – potential US Irish Ambassador

“I don’t get the money, prestigious position of ambassador to Ireland (or gigantic cableknit sweaters), if I don’t make my goal so donate generously and help get the word out!”

In this pay to play world I feel like my talents are being hampered by my means. With your help I can donate my way into the prestigious role of Ambasador to Ireland. Give generously as I will also need to buy some gigantic cableknit sweaters. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation!

So far, Mr. Hickey has raised $100 towards the goal of $1.3 million in just the first 4 hours the account has existed. The GoFundMe account has been tweeted 55 times, in addition to 11 shares and 31 likes at the time of this article.

** Update – We were provided this quote from Mr. Hickey, owner of several small businesses including the Belmar Pub in Binghamton, NY,

“I think America should be represented internationally by Americans, not just the affluent millionaires purchasing Ambassador roles. My goal is paying attention to the ridiculous level the “Pay-to-Play” has achieved.

If all goes well, I’ll be picking up a side job in Dublin to help make ends meet in a year or two when I’ve secured the donation. I’ve been told I would make a pretty good barkeep.”

The current total of donations to the GoFundMe campaign is now $150.

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