Facebook Commentary: Collected comments of Binghamton budget announcement

Binghamton Councilman Chris Papistrat
City of Binghamton City Council President Chris Papistrat

The following are the Facebook posts, written as Binghamton Mayor Rich David presented the 2017 City of Binghamton Budget, on September 13, 2016:

I will be at 2017 Binghamton Budget announcement tonight. Expect some tweets and posts live.

  • As the proceedings start, Councilman MacGregor is not present. Mayor being introduced by Councilman Chris Papastrat. Mayor starting with LUMA success.
  • Sales tax for Binghamton, 2nd largest revenue source, $10.6 million. $200,000 to be added by change from County Exec Preston in 2017.
  • City pension will increase $300k in 2017. 2 police dedicated for public schools, and college will continue. 40 patrol cars will be equipped with cameras as of next week.
  • City to hit annual 15 mile improvements to roads. Clinton street bridge to be finished 2017. $105k going to improve parks. War on blight has removed 55 buildings and “dozens” targeted going forward.
  • Fairview program has 85% success rate. LED lights saved $400k thus far.

Video of Mayor David discussing status of budget – https://www.facebook.com/ElectMichaelVasquezNY/videos/523869547813311/

Video of live presentation on grants of Binghamton – https://www.facebook.com/ElectMichaelVasquezNY/videos/523867284480204/

  • Commercial taxes to be cut .84% in 2017. Second straight year of commercial tax cuts.

Video of announcement on reduction in resident property taxes – https://www.facebook.com/ElectMichaelVasquezNY/videos/523868001146799/

Final words from Mayor Rich David on budget – https://www.facebook.com/ElectMichaelVasquezNY/videos/523867284480204/

Binghamton Councilman Chris Papistrat

City of Binghamton City Council President Chris Papistrat

Councilman Papistrat states after event that budget will allow for a safe, clean, fiscally stable Binghamton going forward

Binghamton Councilman John Matzo

Binghamton Councilman John Matzo

“Budget will make residents and business owners happy with first major cuts since 1998”, as stated to me by Councilman John Matzo.

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