Job plans of the NY-22

New York has problems. It’s not shocking to any resident of the State that the Cato Institute rated New York dead last in terms of freedom on August 16, 2016. The freedom ranking confirms other data that has hit headlines of the months and year, highlighting the detrimental effect of Government intervention via over regulation, high taxation, and a labryinth of local and State agencies. The net result, 600,000 residents left the State along with $5 billion in tax revenues, and tens of thousands of businesses.
On a more regional level we look at the Southern Tier of NY as it reflects much of the nation across various demographics. In the Southern Tier of New York the effect has been a devastation to the population. As 123rd Assembly candidate Dorollo Nixon told Vestal residents on August 15, 2016, “3100 jobs were lost in 2014 alone, and 5000 manufacturing jobs were lost in Binghamton since 2013.” Which is confirmed by the loss of 1,600 jobs in the past year alone according to NY State Dept. of Labor.

Projections show that population over the next 5 years may remain stable, with a slow decrease as timeframe is extended. Critically the 25-44 year old population is expected to increase by 3,121 residents, but the 44-65 year old population will decrease 5,093 residents and retirees will increase by 2,261. Which indicates a growth in the traditionally lowest income group (first-time workers at entry level positions), and the most income locked population (pensioners and Social Security recipients), while the traditional middle-class shrinks. Without changes, the outlook is not positive.

Thus the potential impact of the next Representative for the New York 22nd congressional District could substantially affect constituents – either maintaining the losses or reversing the trend. A review of the announced and published economic plans is warranted for voters contemplations.

Legislator Kim Myers
Broome County Legislator Kim Myers
We reached out to the Myers campaign for comment and information for this article. After more than 72 hours we have not received a response, but if we receive a response it will be published verbatim. Thus we were left to go by the public statements of Legislator Myers, and her campaign website. While sparse, there is a specific indication made.

Based on statements made on WIBX, WNBF, and WUTQ Legislator Myers has repeatedly indicated a preference for Government intervention in business. Most notably, Myers has stated that her focus would be on building infrastructure through Government directed programs (stimulus) to create job growth. Myers has not been more specific on how she would benefit the NY-22 or the nation based on this intervention nor clarified her remarks, as we noted on July 22, 2016

“Based on her interview with Bob Joseph of WNBF on June 30, 2016, and Bill Keeler of WIBX on July 18, 2016, this is what is clear. When asked about job creation, Myers appears to be confused – or at least has difficulty in explaining her position… As for the Government, though President Obama has insisted that Government creates jobs and not individuals, the failure of the Obama Stimulus refutes that. Equally, the failures of Gov. Andrew Cuomo with StartUP NY, and his Democrat-backed economic policies, have cost the State tens of millions with a net result of over 600,000 people, thousands of businesses, and $5 billion in tax revenues leaving the State. How exactly Government creates jobs as Legislator Myers believes was not clarified.”

Stimulus focused on “shovel-ready jobs” was a major attempt by the Obama Administration that cost some $850 billion, and failed to hit any promised target. The political backlash was so extreme that Democrats have by and large avoided the word stimulus since the summer of 2010. But the concept has been revisioned in 2016 by Hillary Clinton at a projected cost of $275 billion – to create a new Agency and attempt to again infuse shovel-ready jobs as a means of job creation and growth via Government impetus. It is unclear if Myers supports or was referencing either of these programs in her public statements. She has generally avoided clarification since she stumbled on WNBF on June 30, 2016 when challenged to acknowledge the economic reality in the Southern Tier. {See video}

According to the only statement on jobs and economy on Kim Myers campaign website, she states in part,

“Just like Upstate New York invested in my family and me, I want to make sure that we are investing in Upstate New York families and businesses so that they can grow and create jobs in our communities.”

A statement made all the more curious, as the total of the $70 million wealth of Kim Myers was created by Dick’s Sporting Goods move OUT of NY State into Pennsylvania where they expanded and entered the stock exchange. This was possible due to lower taxes, less regulation, and tax credit deals that Legislator Myers will not support for NY State, and presumably for the nation if elected to Congress.

Claudia Tenney
Assemblywoamn Claudia Tenney of NY
On August 11, 2016, Republican and Conservative candidate for the New York 22nd Congressional seat Claudia Tenney released a 6-point Jobs Plan to the public. The 3 page plan, while not overly detailed, is specific on areas of focus – both in terms of problems and solutions. The focus of the Tenney plan is the opposite of the Myers campaign, with Tenney seeking to target individual investment into businesses. As she stated in the press release,

“The most important thing Congress can do is reassure Americans that they can invest without fear of crippling tax hikes and regulations, or spiking energy costs.” – Claudia Tenney, August 11, 2016

The Tenney Job Plan addresses many factors that affect jobs not only in the NY-22 but the nation in total. She notes the impact of international trade, via trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as well as the corporate tax rate. Both subjects are not new issues for Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney who wrote against TPP in an article published in the Washington Times on May 1, 2015.

The US corporate tax rate is considered the highest in the industrial world and limits competition of exports. Both political parties agree that a reduction is needed, though they differ in how to enact the tax code reform. Tenney supports a reduction in this rate, to help create new small business and entice US corporations to bring some $2 trillion held overseas back into the nation. A position she has held for several years and stated publicly on national cable news.

Tenney, like Myers, also seeks to spur infrastructure improvement – though the importance and manner are not similar. While Myers apparently seeks the Government to lead and the public to follow, Claudia Tennney wants to end the wasteful pork-barrel spending that has hindered improving national infrastructure. In addition Tenney has suggested having States rank transportation projects on a basis of congestion relief and positive economic impact to reduce bureaucratic clutter in the solutions.

The Tenney Jobs Plan goes on to tackle the underlying issues of all Government waste and inefficiency – cronyism, corporate welfare, and corruption. She declares to end the trend of Government picking winners and losers like Solyndra and A123 Solutions, or as Government programs like StartUP NY. In addition, the Plan supports an ‘all of the above’ energy exploration and development plan to reduce dependence on Middle East oil.

This look at the economic plans of the NY-22 candidates is what has been provided to the public by the candidates. We have included links on several of the subjects for voters to expand their understanding of the issues at hand, what candidates have said in the past (if anything), and the impact. No plan, proposal, or suggestion guarantees or prevents economic health or depression without the support of Congress, and possibly the President.

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Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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