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On August 3, 2016, Legislator Kim Myers appeared on the Talk of the Town on WUTQ – a popular Utica radio station. It was just the third time the Democrat candidate for the New York 22nd Congressional District has spoken to the public since the June 28th Republican Primary. But the interview was very telling for voters.
Broome County Legislator Kim Myers
Once again, Kim Myers was very unspecific in addressing the talk show hosts and the public listening in. An example of this is her response about why she decided to run. In a virtually verbatim statement to the one she gave to WIBX previously, Myers noted that she was “screaming at the television set” and decided to run based on that. This is an empty statement. It neither states what issue upset Myers, nor what resolution to this unknown issue she could provide if she were to be elected to Congress.

Further, that answer also ignores the political reality. Given only political junkies, pundits, and commentators may be the only ones that were aware of that political reality. But Kim Myers was only approached to run after Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi backed out of the race at the start of the year. Even with that, it took her months to finally be convinced to take on the election. According to sources that request to be unnamed, the key factor was the independent wealth of Myers – allowing the Democrat Party to focus the majority of their funding on local races instead.

But one might excuse the failure to divulge the Party nuances with the general public. Even the lack of answer to the most basic question is excusable, if Myers were not a politician as see claimed. Except Legislator Myers is a politician. Both in her 18 years on the Vestal School Board and her position as Broome County Legislator. To claim otherwise is a deception, meant to take advantage of the current political environment where outsiders are preferred – especially in the highly corrupt NY political arena.

That minor dishonesty isn’t a big deal though. It’s the normal political oxymoron that candidates throw around that many ignore. What is a big deal is how Myers has so much trouble conveying her ideas. In her conversations on WNBF, WIBX, and now WUTQ (in order of appearances) Myers seems troubled in conveying the issues and her solutions. Her explanation on a focus on jobs was unfocused.

She loosely connects an emphasis on infrastructure as a means to create jobs. This of course flies in the face of a similar statement and attempt by Democrats with the infamous “Shovel-ready jobs.” A focus on infrastructure that failed to create significant numbers of jobs, created predominantly short-term jobs, and cost more than the jobs themselves. How her position differs from the failed Obama Stimulus or that of Hillary Clinton is unclear, though it appears to indicate that greater levels of Government intervention is needed – the kind that supporter Rep. Nancy “pass it to learn what’s in it” Pelosi advocates. The kind of intervention that over the past 7 1/2 years has lead to an increase in the number of Americans outside the laborforce, a decrease in the number of Self-employed, and the lowest participation rate in 40 years.

Still it gets worse. For the first time in any of the talk radio interviews, Kim Myers was faced with a challenge of her views. This may well be the first time she has faced a challenge to her views, as she spent 4 months of the race outside the view of the public and the only confirmed campaign discussions to-date have been with fellow Democrats that agree with her positions. When asked to clarify her position on big government, about reducing taxes, about why she supports Common Core, Myers apparently was lost.

Her defense of Dick’s was both misguided and wrong. The statement in question was

“… She doesn’t want to give people the same opportunity Dick’s got to make the $70 million she now has. She won’t give that to other people?” – Michael Vasquez – August 3, 2016

The response by Myers was about tax breaks that Dick’s Sporting Goods received. Tax breaks that several news media reported – in 2010 and others easily found in a Google search – Dick’s did and has received over the years.

But what exactly does that have to do with creating jobs? Reduction in tax levels and fewer redundant regulations allowed Dick’s Sporting Goods to grow and make Kim Myers $70 million. Was the question somehow unclear? Or does Kim Myers nto understand what it takes to grow a business without Government intervention at every step?

It’s similar to her response, on WNBF on June 30, 2016 (her first appearance to voters in 4 months of the congressional race). When asked if the success her family has enjoyed can be reproduced by host Bob Joseph, Myers was lost to answer. The exact audio is here,

But here is the bigger point. Kim Myers seems unprepared, or incapable, of answering questions that challenge her view. She appears to be unfamiliar with basic issues facing a potential member of Congress. She is averse to address challenges, even after 4 months of uninterrupted preparation.

If a relatively simple questions in talk radio interviews, and a basic challenge from a call-in guest and constituent, are all it takes to fluster Legislator Kim Myers, how in the world will she be able to handle members of Congress? If she does not understand the base reality facing the middle-class and small business owners, how will she address issues like national corporate tax rates, the national debt, the debt ceiling, and rampant Government spending? Separate of domestic economics, how about the difficult and intricate issues of national security, ISIS, Iran and nuclear weapons?

With barely 90 days left in the congressional race, voters in the Mohawk Valley and Southern Tier have little time to learn more about Kim Myers besides the fact she is a member of the Democrat Party. Thus far, Myers herself has been resistant to allow the public to gain greater insight. Given her responses to basic questions, a strategy of ads and more ads and partisanship may be the correct political choice. Though that selfishly only serves Myers interests.

But in fairness, we again put forward an offer to the Myers Campaign to address our questions and observations. For the past 160 days we have offered to do an interview, of whatever length Kim Myers would like or needs to cover her positions and political platform. As has always been our policy, that interview will be provided to the public without edit, verbatim. We continue to await a response.

Therefore the last question we will pose in this article is the most important. Is Kim Myers a credible choice to represent the NY-22 in Congress? Voters will decide in November, but what they will base that choice on is unclear.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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  1. Does she only have one photo of her?

  2. There are few photos of her. Most others show her with other State Dems, which does not apply to articles on her

  3. Wow, you are one determined and informed interviewer. I just watched the end of you response to Kim Myer’s radio interviews. She really needs to answer your questions. For her not to would be both outrageous and disqualifying.

  4. I pay attention to everyone. It’s why I covered candidates the major media ignored. It’s why the 3 richest people in the race since inception, have been the ones to tell the public the least about their ontentions. But the public deserves answers and not empty statements

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