Commentary: 2nd Annual Bring Back America Festival success

On July 23, 2016, I had the pleasure to take part in the 2nd Annual Bring Back America Festival sponsored by Southern Tier SCOPE in Norwich, NY. This outdoor event at the East Park started at 1pm, but members of SCOPE had long been at the venue getting everything prepared.

Most of the time, as a political commentator, I tend to arrive at events like this to provide coverage for my supporters and readership. But on this day it was different. This was one of the occasions where I was a featured speaker. Something I enjoy greatly.

Even better than the fact that I was able to speak to a gathering of roughly 325 concerned and earnest supporters of the Second Amendment, and that is no small amount of joy in itself, I was able to share the stage with phenomenal featured speakers. Honestly, I cannot recall such a gathering of powerful, influential, determined and personable politicians, law enforcement, and organizations (besides the 2016 Presidential Primary in April of course). As I said in my speech, I am humbled to have been selected to join them and to speak to such a great audience.

Rather than tell you about the event, I present the only complete video of the event I am aware of at this time. Binghamton News 34 and Fox 40 News did show up. But News34 left in the middle of the event, taking sporadic video beforehand. Fox40 showed up 2/3 through the event, and took no video of any of the speakers. While I thank the major news media for showing up, I must admonish them for once again denying the public a full or even accurate telling of the event.

I also apologize to Assemblyman Bill Nojay (MC at the event), NY 52nd State Senator Fred Akshar, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, NY Senatorial candidate Wendy Long, Assemblywoman and NY-22 Republican and Conservative Party candidate Claudia Tenney, Chenango County Sheriff Ernie Cutting, Retired Norwich City Police Chief Joe Angelino, and SCOPE President Tom Reynolds, as well as to you my readers and supporters. My primary camera that I have used for years finally broke down. I had to use my original camera (that was old in 2009) as a backup, and the video quality suffered as a result. The audio quality is fine. [If you want to help us replace our camera, donations would be appreciated – we hope to raise $1,500 or so. Use the donate button on our homepage, any amount helps a lot.]

With that said, here is the video that we have so far (in order at the event):

NY 52nd State Senator Fred Akshar was the first to speak

Senator Akshar was followed by Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino (was he hinting that he will run for Governor again? You heard it here first as our prediction)

The first musical production took place at this time. The North Carolina duo, Letters from Home, performed a USO style, 1940’s tribute to WWII veterans. Here is a taste of there performances throughout the day

Our video collection continues with Senatorial candidate Wendy Long

After Ms. Long, Assemblyman Bill Nojay, the Master of Ceremonies for the event, took a few minutes to share his views with the patriotic crowd

The last of the video we have available at the moment is of myself. This was not on purpose, and again I apologize to those who I do not have video of yet. I am trying to fix the recording to make it passably watchable, and will add video as I finish correcting.

In addition, here are some still photos from the event. I hope that this helps to provide a more clear and accurate picture of the wealth of information and love of our Constitution & country that was on display on July 23, 2016.

Once more, I thank Southern Tier SCOPE, Chris Naylor, Tom DeBrita, my fellow speakers, and everyone who attended and even those that view any of the videos.

Wendy Long, Michael Vasquez, SCOPE members

@nd Amendment supporters,

Southern Tier SCOPE - Tom DeBrita (sitting), DeForest Canfield

Chenango County Undersheriff

Michael Vasquez, Assemblyman Bill Nojay, SCOPE president Tom Reynolds

County Executive Rob Astorino, Michael Vasquez, Sen. Fred Akshar

Michael Vasquez

SCOPEnorwich 043

Michael Vasquez

Michael Vasquez, George Curbello of NY2A

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Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

3 Comments on "Commentary: 2nd Annual Bring Back America Festival success"

  1. wish I could have gone….worked til 6pm

  2. Tina DaBella, well I hope the videos help get some of the feel of the event. It was a great time. Wish I had my better camera. Also that local media did a better job of coverage. But that’s nitpicking. I do thank the 325, by my estimate, that attended.

  3. We will just have to share the hell out of the videos….the media will never push a pro-2nd Amendment event

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