What do we know now about Legislator Kim Myers?

In February 2016, Legislator Kim Myers ran the circuit of Democrat Party Committees in the New York 22nd Congressional District. The reason was to replace Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi, who had flip-flopped on running in the race before finally bowing out of the race in January. Legislator Myers handily won the endorsement in March over Oneida Democrat David Gordon after Broome Democrat Joshua Riley withdrew his name from consideration in order to avoid a primary, with several confidential sources stating that the extreme wealth of Myers being the final factor in the endorsement. Then there was silence. Then there was silence.

Broome County Legislator Kim Myers
Silence may be the wrong term, as it implies a presence absent sound. The Myers Campaign was just absent. For 4 months as a Republican battle for the NY-22 raged, Myers just wasn’t in the NY-22. Her campaign made no statements, issued no flyers or stationary, made no public appearance, did not update a website that only had a quote and a donation button, and most certainly did not speak to the news media. Other than the comment from Brian Lenzmier on March 4, 2016 to advise that Myers would provide an interview at some indeterminate time in the future (which remains uncertain at this time), there was nothing.

But the public was informed in July on WNBF that Kim Myers, a Broome County Legislator, had been quietly raising funds, seeking to hit a goal of $2 million. She has missed that goal by $1.32 million thus far. Which raises a question of inefficiency (on this issue) that won’t be addressed in this article.

What has the public learned in 137 days of the Myers Campaign? Not much. In fact, the absence of the Democrat in the race makes Steve Wells campaign seem forthright. Only Libertarian David Pasich has had almost as little coverage in this race – though Mr. Pasich did do several interviews in February and March.

Thus far in July, Legislator Myers has confirmed the known facts about her candidacy, She is the daughter of the founder of Dick’s Sporting Goods. Because of the success of the company had once it abandoned the Southern Tier in 1994, Mrs. Myers is part of the 1%, with a net worth in the range of $70 million – a fact she keeps at arm’s length. We also already knew she was on the Vestal School Board for 18 years before being elected to the Legislator seat she currently holds (and is unclear if she intends to give up the seat, though that seems unlikely at this time).

But what is unknown about this candidate remains a mystery. Legislator Myers has never revealed her position on Common Core – which was in effect while she was President of the Vestal School Board. She has never mentioned who she supports for President – though deductive reasoning would suggest it is Hillary Clinton as Myers did not attend the Binghamton event for Sen. Bernie Sanders. How Myers feels about the FBI/Email scandal is anyone’s guess. Just as clouded is what is the platform that Legislator Kim Myers is running on.

Based on her interview with Bob Joseph of WNBF on June 30, 2016, and Bill Keeler of WIBX on July 18, 2016, this is what is clear. When asked about job creation, Myers appears to be confused – or at least has difficulty in explaining her position. When Bob Joseph asked if a Southern Tier resident could replicate the success of Dick’s Sporting Goods with $300 in the current economic environment, her delayed response was, “I’m not sure.” Not an inspiring assessment of the reality constituents are living with.

When talking with Bill Keeler on the subject of jobs, Myers referred to a business she owns but would not name it, and the importance of the Government in creating jobs. The business is of interest as the only records of a business seem to indicate the Kids Korner that was owned by her husband Tim Myers, and closed some time ago. As for the Government, though President Obama has insisted that Government creates jobs and not individuals, the failure of the Obama Stimulus refutes that. Equally, the failures of Gov. Andrew Cuomo with StartUP NY, and his Democrat-backed economic policies, have cost the State tens of millions with a net result of over 600,000 people, thousands of businesses, and $5 billion in tax revenues leaving the State. How exactly Government creates jobs as Legislator Myers believes was not clarified.

But the other major issue that Legislator Myers addressed, on WIBX, was the Second Amendment. A subject that had previously been non-existent for Myers. As the direct benefactor of a company that sells firearms – including those banned by the NY SAFE Act – it is a subject worthy of scrutiny. But the response from Legislator Myers only adds to the scattershot nature of her campaign positions.

Kim Myers states at one point in her answer to Bill Keeler that,

“I don’t agree with what seems to be an all or nothing solution to guns… I agree with the Second Amendment but I think that its a long overdue conversation about how we can have some reasonable gun legislation.”

This may be the most interesting thing Legislator Myers has allowed the public to know aboiut her campaign. She implied that she is against the unilateral Executive Orders of President Obama, and the NY SAFE Act of Gov. Cuomo. But then she almost immediately takes a page from Hillary Clinton who said on June 6, 2016, “So I believe we can have common sense gun safety measures consistent with the Second Amendment…” Which begs the question, what is reasonable or common sense?

Perhaps the biggest question is, what conversation about gun control and the 2nd Amendment has America not yet had? Without traveling back in history over 100 years, and sticking just to 2016, there has been no end of debate about the 2nd Amendment and gun control after the San Bernadino, Orlando, Dallas, and Baton Rouge shootings. If Kim Myers has anew position that has never been addressed before – or a compromise that has not been previously suggested – America is sure to be interested in what that is.

In fact, voters may wonder what Legislator Kim Myers is supporting or opposing. Thus far, in each interview she has had, she has vaguely hinted at some massive agenda. She consistently uses terms like, ‘have a conversation’ or ‘common sense solutions,” and implies that she opposes issues that the Democrat Party supports [as noted above] and potentially several Democrats themselves. Then later in those same interviews she reverses and supports those same Democrats and issues.

When asked by Bob Joseph of WNBF about what upset her so much that she decided to run for Congress, she stated in part,

“It’s not an all or nothing [legislation in Congress]. You’re supposed to compromise. you’re also supposed to serve and then go home. You’re not supposed to make this your life mission. Thomas Jefferson and President Adams, that’s what they did. You served your country and you went home. That’s some of the things that get me screaming at the TV.”

This would seem to be an attack on career politicians like Sen. Charles Schumer, Sen. Harry Reid, Rep. Charles Rangel, and even Rep. Nancy Pelosi – who met with Myers in DC before she announced her intent to run and was one of the first political donors. Each has served for decades, and almost exclusively only in elected office. It’s also interesting that Myers forgot that Jefferson was a President and the founder of the original Republican Party.

But these ambiguous “issues” highlights the mystery of the Myers Campaign. What Bills facing Congress was she upset no compromise was made on? What compromise would she have suggested instead? Is she for or against term limits? And that’s just from one question Myers answered.

At every turn, as the public finally gets to see Kim Myers, they are left with more questions about who is this Democrat and what does she stand for. President Obama was elected to transform America – but was never asked what he would transform the nation into. Hillary Clinton is a chameleon who is for whatever issue is popular, especially among the Left and Far-Left. It would seem that Kim Myers is a fan of their political flexibility, without sharing their verbal dexterity, but thus far has not been held accountable to give any decisive answer.

Yet,for all the indecision and non-answers, the Myers Campaign is popular. With Democrats outside of New York State. According to FEC records on July 21, 2016, some 48% of all individual donations have come from States other than New York. 29% of these donations have come from a bundler in Massachusetts.

Actually, Kim Myers is most popular with her family and herself. Donations from the Stack and Myers family (including 2 students that donated the maximum of $5,400 each – not quite the norm found in middle-class America) come to a total of 42% of all donations to date. This includes $240,000 from a loan from Kim Myers to her campaign. Another 20% of donations have come from politicians and PAC’s.

If Myers backs the popular theme of the Left, social justice, then it will be quite interesting to hear how she justifies her individual extreme wealth and her lack of voluntary IRS payments in excess of what has been required (this failing to pay her proper share). Equally curious is why she is apparently running a campaign in Massachusetts instead of New York, if the donations are any indication of what is to come.

With a little over 100 days left in the Congressional campaign, with a war chest set to unleash a torrent of television and radio ads, and a slew of political flyers in mailboxes, the question that still lingers is what do voters know about Kim Myers? By all indications up to this moment, voters in the NY-22 may not learn that answer until after election day.

** Correction – We initially incorrectly reported that Joshua Riley had lost his bid for the Oneida Democrat endorsement. Mr. Riley in fact withdrew from that Committee meeting, to allow Legislator Myers to gain the endorsement uncontested. We have corrected the article to reflect our reporting on March 4, 2016. **

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  1. Perhaps the biggest question is, what conversation about gun control and the 2nd Amendment has America not yet had? If Kim Myers has a new position that has never been addressed before – or a compromise that has not been previously suggested – America is sure to be interested in what that is.

  2. Seems like an “invisible hand” for somebody with a big wallet and lots of attached strings to me.

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