Facebook Commentary: Collected thoughts on Iran capturing US sailors

Recent series of Facebook comments, by Michael “Vass” Vasquez”, on the developing international event of Iran capturing 10 US sailors and 2 naval vessels:

Image of US sailors under captivity by Iran
January 12, 20164:46pm

“I hate to say that the absolute commitment to the Iran nuke deal – absolving Iran of missile test violations and more – has led to the capture (or detainment) of 10 sailors and our ship.”

At 5:30pm

“Mark my words, if President Obama walks back this action by Iran, we will see an attempt to lock down Strait M of Hormuz in a month or so. This is a test of our resolve and the desire for positive history book listing. There can only be one choice and what POTUS picks will put the nation on a path we cannot divert from.”

January 13, 20163:03am

“I can’t believe that President Obama completely avoided the 10 sailors taken by Iran. But then again he won’t talk about the Philly cop either. Guess our military in foreign hands just won’t make the cut on his partisan agenda. A real commander-in-chief there. Iran and ISIS must be shaking in their boots.”

at 4:05am

“So this may be the reason why President Obama did not mention the 10 sailors being held under arrest in Iran. You will likely NOT see this in American media. According to the BBC,
“The US has apologised to Iran after 10 American sailors were arrested for entering Iranian waters, the commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards naval forces has said…

Gen Fadavi said “Mr Zarif had a firm stance, saying that they were in our territorial waters and should not have been, and saying that they [the US] should apologize. This has been done and it will not take long, and the naval force, according to its hierarchy, will act immediately upon the orders it receives…”

It would seem that President Obama opted to remain silent to allow Secretary Kerry the chance to apologize without upsetting Iran. While it may allow the Sailors to be released as soon as the 13th, I fear that it will further embolden the nation that shot rockets at US ships just a couple of weeks ago.

Also, the question must be asked, is there ANYTHING that Iran could do that would cause the Obama Administration to revoke the nuke deal? It would appear the priority is on how near-term history books record the efforts of the Obama Administration, over the potential long-term damage that may be caused.


January 14, 20169:47am

“Where are the priorities of the Obama Administration on international policy? This may be a clue – from Secretary John Kerry –
“if we are able to do this in the right way it would be a good story for both of us.”

In other words, the capture and embarrassment of the US sailors for the benefit of Iran (the photos are a show of strength), is a political chip to be used to promote the Iran nuke deal (that Iran violated already when it did the ICBM missile tests).

Yes, the failure of Pres. Obama to mention the 10 sailors at SOTU, followed by a quick AMERICAN apology, got our soldiers back and preserved the Nuke deal. It equally elevates the power of Iran, and decimates the power of the US. But, to Kerry this is a positive.

It would seem the priority of the Obama Admin is not our military, not Middle East peace, not preventing the leading supporter of world terror from being enabled. The priority is getting short-term political spin and an entry in the history books. That’s not desperate, its not flawed policy, it’s shameful and destructive.


The comments found on Facebook are the personal thoughts of M V Consulting, Inc president Michael Vasquez.

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Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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