Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi voting record exposed by Michael Vasquez on WUTQ

Elected politicians can sometime be equated with young children. Parents may get this, something is broken (or they wrote on a wall) and the young child that did it proclaims their innocence even as they are caught red handed. Some elected politicians do exactly the same thing when it come to their voting record being exposed. In this case, specifically Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi of the 119th District in New York, fits the bill.

On January 6, 2016, I was invited to speak on WUTQ 100.7FM, for the Talk of the Town program. I have spoken on the program regularly since I ran for Congress in 2013. The discussion was about the gun restriction Executive Orders of President Obama, and the article I wrote about the 2nd Amendment positions of all the candidates (announced and rumored) running for the New York 22nd congressional district – Where do the NY-22 candidates stand on gun restriction legislation? That full unedited conversation can be seen here

In the discussion the record of Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi came up. The record of Assemblyman Brindisi is a subject I have written about several times in 2015. Most relevant to the conversation was his vote against the NY SAFE Act in 2013, and the Bill he co-sponsored to repeal parts of the SAFE Act in March 2015. I also noted that Assemblyman Brindisi allowed his Bill to die in the NY Assembly without defending the Bill. That was April 22, 2015.

But Assemblyman Brindisi either could not recall what he did, or did not like the facts being brought up at the same time he is contemplating entering the race for the NY-22 (opposing Democrat David Gordon). Thus Assemblyman Brindisi called in to dispute the facts. In his version, his repeal was beyond his control. But that isn’t the truth, as much as he wants the public and voters to think so. Here is what Assemblyman Brindisi said,

Now you will see that in both videos I have included links. Here are all the related links:

  • The original article Assemblyman Brindisi wants to repeal the Safe Act, but why should we care?

  • The April 22, 2015, meeting of the NY Assembly Code Committee that killed all repeals – Codes committee kills Safe Act Repeal as New Yorkers continue the fight 4/22/15 – and the 3 Assemblymembers (including Claudia Tenney) who defended their Bills to repeal the NY SAFE Act. Assemblyman Brindisi did not appear nor took action to protect his Bill.

  • The April 25, 2015 article – Without fanfare or public debate, repeal of NY Safe Act shelved by Democrats – which reviewed the Code Committee action and included the following:

    “Included in the Bills being rejected was the Bill co-sponsored by Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi, who declined appearing before the Codes Committee to defend his Bill. Effectively this kills the legislation at this time.”

  • In total, with all the articles and video, Assemblyman Brindisi made 0 comments. He also never took any opportunity to dispute or challenge any of the articles, even as all articles have been prominently shown under keywords involving him via Google search for 8 months or more. One would assume that was because its hard to refute documented fact.

    I understand that Assemblyman Brindisi may have been embarrassed by his record being revealed in detail. I understand that it may put a crimp in his plans to run for Congress. But that does not allow him the opportunity to rewrite documented fact. Nor does it allow him to imply that my credibility is anything but the impeccable standard it is known for. I must add that it reflects poorly (in my opinion), that the top Democrat rumored to be running for Congress in the NY-22, is so insistent on hiding from his record – would he do the same in Congress?

    If Assemblyman Brindisi would like to debate his record, or make further comment, I invite him to speak with me – on the record (via email, video, or any other forum he would like). As always any communication will be provided to the public unedited and verbatim. It should be noted that WUTQ has an edited (for time) copy of the above video on their website at


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