Facebook Commentary: What happens if Climate Change effort gains traction

This is a comment, as written on Facebook by Michael “Vass” Vasquez, on November 29, 2015 –

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“Ok. Let’s say man-made global warming is real (which is highly debatable). Let’s also assume that the world leaders (especially China and India) suddenly agree with Pres. Obama that global warming is the BIGGEST threat to the world, and they all agree to cut carbon emissions.

While there is no fact that guarantee this will have an effect (global temps changed without man existing in the first place), lets assume that the temperature is reduced by 1 degree. Utopia!

Ignoring the global cost to do this (roughly $117 trillion, or more money than exists in the world), and ignoring the impact to the world population (severe cutbacks to energy usage – forget about that new Ipad/phone ect; astronomical increases in energy prices; inflation; people dying in cold/hot weather; ect) the process would take at least a decade to accomplish (at the very earliest and only under the above conditions) – every other major international and domestic issue, in every country, would be secondary to this cause.

With all that said, exactly HOW will this beneficially stop ISIS? Or deter fanatical Islamic terrorists?

Seriously. Think about it. If the global warming fanatics (like Pres. Obama) get exactly what they want, how will this IMPROVE the safety, job quality, or any other aspect of the lives of the public?

Better yet, what if the planet continues to warm up? Because that is one of the things our planet does – whether we exist or not.

I have yet to hear the global warming (because the climate changes every day – that’s just a PR gimmick to call it that) alarmists address this very real and simple question. How about you? Ever wonder why they never address what happens after everyone capitulates to their ideas?”

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