Democrats eat their own in display of Party over people

As the nation contemplates the re-ranking of Republican challengers for the nomination in the 2016 Presidential election, and the question of appropriateness to ask a businessman (Donald Trump) about this record of success as it would apply if elected President, another question is creeping into the public consciousness. Not the issue of whether or not Kylie Jenner got the used car of Blac China, but the far more curious question of how strongly Democrats have turned on one of their own since August 6, 2015. The target? Sen. Charles Schumer of NY.

Senator Charles Schumer
Senator Chuck Schumer is no stranger to politics. With 16 years in the Senate, 18 years in the House of Representatives, and 5 years in the NY State Assembly, Sen. Schumer is one of the most powerful Democrats in elected office today. He is also one of the least camera shy politicians, taking to the airwaves to announce everything he does. Whether it is using the popularity of comedian (and distant cousin) Amy Schumer to promote gun control, to just promoting himself on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the Senator is drawn to media like a moth to flame.

Sen. Schumer is such a focal point of Democrat policies that he has long been considered the successor to Sen. Harry Reid as the Democrat leader of the Senate. Until it was leaked that he would oppose the nuclear deal with Iran being pushed by the White House. Now, the White House seems to be pushing Sen. Schumer out. Some White House allies have even gone so far as to paint the staunch Democrat as close to a Republican as is possible in New York State politics,

“Senator Schumer siding with the GOP against Obama, [Hillary] Clinton and most Democrats will make it hard for him to lead the Dems in ’16.” Dan Pfeiffer 

For his part, Sen. Schumer had planned to do all he could to diminish the embarrassment to the White House. Though the news was released in the middle of the main round of the Republican primary debate, he held no press conference. He had even called President Obama directly about the matter, only to have the President be the source of the leak of the news – eviscerating a request to keep the matter private until it could be announced quietly on Friday, August 7, 2015.

Thus the question has to be asked, how tenuous is the Democrat’s hold on the Iran nuclear deal? The fact that has threatened to without campaign donations totaling $10 million from Sen. Schumer and Democrats that oppose the Iran deal implies that support for the deal is not nearly the veto-proof hold that the White House has been touting. The fact that CBS News is reporting the White House is seeking to injure the political survival of Sen. Schumer also implies a weakness of support and the depths that the White House will go to preserve it.

Ultimately this says more about the Democrat Party mechanics than just international policy. Under President Obama, dissention – even when supported and demanded by the constituents that an elected official represents in Congress – is not to be tolerated. The will of the Party apparently overrides all other concerns. Sen. Schumer is now the example of how independent decisions are treated.

If the record of a Democrat like Sen. Charles Schumer is not staunchly deep blue enough to satisfy the White House and liberal organizations, what does that say about the frontrunner Hillary Clinton who is essentially lock step with the White House? What does this say about other Democrat members of Congress? The implication of what is unfolding is more than just about an Iran nuclear deal, but the power and importance of a political party over the very people that make up that political party.

Donald Trump may be at the head of discussion among the politically attuned. Blac China may be the source of focus for the politically inept. But the interaction of Sen. Charles Schumer and the White House may truly be the most serious issue facing the future of modern politics. Yet curiously almost no one is noticing.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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  1. Senator Charles Schumer, one of the most powerful elected Democrats, is being punished for following the will of his constituents and rebuking the Iran nuclear deal. But Sen. Schumer is not supposed to be beholden to the White House or his political party. The actions of the White House are anathema to the process that should occur, and part of the problem of modern politics.

  2. “following the will of his constituents”- ’tis rare that both down and up state are of the same opinions, but for all of his attitudes for his constituents, I’d like to offer downstaters the salt for their latest meal. If there were a schism, chuck would disregard upstate(only 38% of the vote). I’m sure he’s already attempting damage control of his (former) position.

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