Bob Joseph of WNBF News Radio interviews Michael Vasquez on Planned Parenthood and Rep. Richard Hanna

At the same time that the Broome County GOP were announcing their nominee for the November 3, 2015 Special Election for the 52nd District State Senate seat, Bob Joseph of WNBF was on the air talking with Michael “Vass” Vasquez about not being invited to the event, as well as the other news of the day. That news included a call for Rep. Richard Hanna (R-22) to return the donations and awards he has received from Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood has come under fire for potential criminal violations and unethical practices. These questionable activities have come to light as 4 (and now 5) undercover videos have been released (with an additional 5 stated to be coming shortly) to the public in edited and uncut versions on Youtube. Republicans and other organizations have called for politicians that have received political donations to return them to Planned Parenthood. Rep. Richard Hanna received an award in 2012, and political donations most recently in 2014. he is the only Republican in the House of Representatives to receive a donation from Planned Parenthood.

Another key topic discussed by Bob Joseph and Michael Vasquez was the announcement by Broome GOP Chairman Bijoy Datta that Undersheriff Fred Akshar was picked as the Republican nominee in the Special Election race for the 52nd State Senate race. Undersheriff Akshar will be facing the hand-picked choice of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Barbara Fiala. Mr. Vasquez was among a small group of candidates for the Republican nomination to receive an interview.

Lastly, the interview discussed the ramifications of the $15 per hour minimum wage being rushed into law by Gov. Cuomo. This law will only affect fast food workers, and will be integrated across the State in several steps. The impact of this move, both financially and socially, has gone largely undiscussed in New York media. The outcome as it affects Obamacare, IRS taxes, and varius entitlements was considered.

The entire conversation, minus the first minute, can be heard in the following video:

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