Clinton supporters send a message to 2016 Dem hopefuls

Even the most casual observer of politics knows that Hillary Clinton is the front-runner for the Democrat nomination for the Presidential race. Again. But unlike in 2007, when an unknown and untested junior Senator appeared and stole her spotlight, Hillary supporters are on the attack even without an official statement from Clinton.

One of the most recent Democrat hopefuls to feel the wrath of the spectre of Hillary for President 2016 is Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley. Gov. O’Malley has announced that he is done waiting for the former Secretary of State to officially decide what has been observed to be a de facto campaign for the presidency disguised as a Clinton book tour. He has already started to set speaking dates in bellwether Democrat-leaning States like Massachusetts, California, and Wisconsin.

Yet, outside his home State, Gov. O’Malley may best be know for his comments in 2012. It was September 2nd, and Gov. O’Malley was asked a critical question as the race of the Presidency was heating up. Bob Schieffer, of CBS’ Face the Nation, asked if the nation was better off than 4 years prior. Gov. O’Malley stated, as we quoted at the time,

“No, but that’s not the question of this election. The question, without a doubt, we are not as well off as we were before George Bush brought us the Bush job losses, the Bush recession, the Bush deficits, the series of desert wars — charged for the first time to credit cards, the national credit cards.”

Gov. O’Malley would go on to backtrack that statement almost immediately. By Sept. 7th, he was back in line with the pro-Obama gameplan and announced on MSNBC that America was better off. As a side note – on this day in 2008 the number of unemployed was 13.5 million with 80 million not in the laborforce. In 2012 those numbers were 22.8 million & 87.8 million respectively. Today the figures are 18.8 million & 92.2 million. It would seem the right answer was the first one.

Still, Maryland’s Governor was undaunted. He has moved forward with plans to run for President, assuming the masses cannot remember his flip-flops from 4 years ago. But the Clinton machine does not forget, and they do not like competition.

That might explain why after criticizing the White House on the illegal alien children crisis (and taking away the thunder of Hillary Clinton), equating deportation of these children to “certain death”, there was a leak of a private (at least it was private at the time) conversation between Gov. O’Malley and an annoyed White House Domestic Policy Director Cecilia Muñoz. Confirmed by the White House, Gov. O’Malley stated,

“…not to send any of the children to the facility in Westminster, Md., that the White House was looking at. It’s a conservative part of the state, he warned.”

In 2 sentences Gov. O’Malley’s chances of becoming President in 2016 have now been damaged. The hypocrisy of trying to appear immigration friendly, as long as it does not affect his State, and an attack on Conservatives (implying they would harm children) is sure to cut at any support he is garnering. While likely recoverable – as Gov. O’Malley will once again flip-flop the public record – the bigger message was sent with full clarity. The White House accepts no criticism and friends of Hillary Clinton will make sure you don’t get too far ahead to make a difference. That was the conclusion of CNN

Coincidentally, the leak on O’Malley has come out at the same time that a NBC News/Marist poll of Democrats in Iowa and New Hampshire shows landslide support of Hillary Clinton vs VP Joe Biden. Of course the poll did not consider Gov. O’Malley or even New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, or any other prominent Democrat whispering about a run in 2016.

The fireworks have begun. Hillary Clinton has a lead, and her supporters want to keep it that way.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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