List of top articles from 2012 – by visitor interest

It’s that time of year again. The year end, where all media companies put together their lists of 2012. For us at M V Consulting, Inc the year end is a time to see exactly what our visitors liked, a lot. It gives an interesting perspective on what mattered in the year – and 2012 was filled with a lot of political events and surprises.

Our list of top stories covers a wide range of interests, from the 2012 election to local politics to political issues that are intensely personal to our visitors. While most might expect the presidential election to top the list, and it does appear in 3 different articles, it was not the most viewed. Even the subject most viewed by our visitors (the deficit/economy) was not the top article of 2012, in fact the articles were from 2011. Thus our top list is a baker’s dozen of articles that mattered to you.

We look forward to your comments about what you foud to be the top article from 2012 – and what you are hoping to hear more about in 2013.

List of Top 13 articles at VASS -political commentaty, for 2012

1)Abortion and race: The ads and the law

“Is there a racial component to the disporportionate number of abortions found in the African American population?…So in returning to our original question at the top of this article, yes there does seem to be a racial component to the number of abortions in the African American community. That does not imply malice, but it does evoke concern…”

2)Budget Control Act – House and Senate votes (tied) –

“The following is the vote, by member, on the debt ceiling deal otherwise known as Budget Control Act of 2011”

3)Illegal aliens gain jobs as Americans are unemployed

“The big number was that from 2008 until 2010, immigrants gained 1.1 million jobs. That’s as 6.26 million Americans lost their jobs; and 9.4% (or 28.2 million people) still do not have one.”

4)Early 2012 national election vote breakdown

“The big talking point is that President Obama won Blacks, Hispanics, and women. Mitt Romney won men, particularly White men. The margin of victory based on race is extreme. Blacks voted for President Obama some 93%, Hispanics fell in line with 71% support, and women provided 55%. Asians also had high support numbers for President Obama with 73% of the vote.”

5)Numbers matter for US deficit and interest rate

“The federal debt for 2012 is $16.4 trillion which exceeds by more than 100% the 2010 US gross domestic product (GDP). Viewed another way, the US debt equals the annual (2010) GDP of the bottom 196 countries in the world combined (out of 210) plus an extra $200 billion to spare.”

6)Review of the 3rd presidential debate of 2012

7)Who will replace Rep. Maurice Hinchey?

“The loss of Rep. Hinchey will take a great toll on New York. His 2 decades as a Congressman built up a large cache of political power, and allowed a number of pork barrel earmarks to flow into the Southern Tier.”

8)For the Left a tax hike, for the Right a tax cut – the reason is re-election

“Thus, after the 2012 Presidential election, if President Obama were to win what do you think is more likely. That he would increase taxes as he has tried to do since before he was President, or that he would cut corporate tax rates? Or both at the same time?”

9)CBS media bias influences votes in 2012

“Releasing the full edit of the missing 60 Minutes interview, late in the evening the day before the election, without any press release or public announcement, is an attempt to slip something past the American public. It allows CBS to say they did their constitutionally protected duty, without dampening the prospects of their political favorite.”

10)Fiscal responsibility of Congress

“The reality is that Congress is fiscally irresponsible – Democrats and Republicans alike. There is no serious plan to even retard spending, let alone actually cut spending and reduce the debt. There is zero consideration of the impact of an increase in interest rates – of which our projection from even a modest 1% increase results in $1 trillion extra debt in just 5 years that has yet to be accounted for – which is inevitable.”

11)Blight indeed

“Perhaps stating the obvious, the decay that is spreading and the disrepair that families are forced to endure, is useless. Then again, it is no less futile than hoping for college students to save a City that seems incapable of finding solutions to long-term problems far larger than the ebb and flow of Binghamton University.”

12)Gov Martin O’Malley answers if America is better off, then changes his mind

“In one fell swoop, Gov. O’Malley – an individual already being considered strongly as a potential presidential candidate in 2016 – has spoken with a forked tongue that most Americans beleive politicians must have as a prerequisite to getting elected. It’s not his fault because he didn’t say what he obviously said, and if he did the public are just not smart enough to understand what he really meant.”

13)Warren Buffett to put money where mouth is, finally

“But separate of that, we asked a question. Why don’t you (Mr. Buffett) just donate to the IRS whatever you think you should pay in taxes? As we noted, nothing in the universe is stopping him from voluntarily giving money to the Government. As of August 29th [2011] we found that a total of 814 American had done just that. Mr. Buffett was not among those 814 Americans.”

Was there an article you think should have made the top of 2012? Tell us whch on and why.

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