Michael Kicinski, candidate NY 22nd Congressional District, speaks at Vestal Candidate Forum

Michael Kicinski, challenger for the 22nd Congressional District seat, appeared at the 2012 Vestal Candidate Forum sponsored by the Americans for Restoring the Constitution on Monday September 17, 2012 in Vestal, NY. Incumbent Rep. Richard Hanna did not attend the event, nor did he respond to requests to appear. Additionally challenger Dan Lamb did not appear, due to a conflict in schedule, though his campaign manager Michael Morosi did appear in his place.

We note that we have covered candidate Kicinski previously.

The following exclusive video is the complete and unedited content of his time at the event. Candidate Kicinski had the chance to introduce himself to the voters and to answer several of their questions. Some of the topics that were covered: Abortion; Budget cuts; Constitution; Economy; Gay marriage; Job creation; Middle East; NPR; National debt; Obamacare; Taxes.

Candidate Kicinski has a website at www.KicinskiForCongress.com

Exclusive video of all the candidates at the event can be seen at https://mvass.com under the New York State elections category as well as at Binghamton Political Examiner, video is owned by M V Consulting, Inc.

Part 1

Part 2

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