Utah Senate and House of Representatives primary results

The final set of primary races for June 26th were in Utah. Like in New York there were races to determine who would be running for election in November for the Senate and House of Representatives. We present the latest results, from Politico, as of 12:40pm EST.

Senate – 72.1% reporting

  • Republican: Hatch (incumbent) 67.1% of votes X
    Liljenquist 32.9%
    Democrat: Howell uncontested

    The race for House of Representatives currently stands:

    District 1 – 92.4% reporting

    Republican: Bishop (incumbent) uncontested

  • Democrat: McAleer 68.1%
    Combe 31.9%

    X is our predicted winner – final results may prove our expectations to be incorrect. Highlighted candidates are called winners by Politico. Bold are final tally winners. Names in italics must go to a run-off.

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