Health Care Reform – a recap of thoughts from 2009 – 2010

We have avidly followed and discussed the Health Care Reform that is on the eve of a Supreme Court decision. The decision by the Supreme Court, currently expected to overturn part or all of the law, brings into focus several issues that we have discussed long before the Health Care Reform (Obamacare) became law.

We felt that a recap of part of our extensive coverage is due. Starting from one of our early commentaries we present our thoughts up to the signing of the Health Care Reform into law.

October 2009

“If the Government cannot write a Bill in less than 2 weeks, if they are incapable of providing that written Bill to the public, if passage of such a Bill would contain loopholes and errors similar to those enacted by the speedy approval of the Obama Stimulus, and the only way to generate support for the Bill is to confuse the public on the names of its provisions while hiding costs of those provisions, how good for America can it be?”

December 2009

“I also found it interesting how the [Senate] vote tally so closely matched EVERY poll in America on how the public feels about Health Care Reform. The polls show that 60% of Americans are AGAINST the Bill, with only 35% in favor of it. And in case anyone wondered, EVERY poll in America has shown the growing public dislike of this Bill since late July 2009…

The best part is that for once some politicians have lived up to their words. The Health Care Reform was passed without a single Republican, without the public’s desire, without explaination, without anyone reading it, without concern for any obstacle whatsoever.”

January 2010

“But when a Bill of this magnitude is finalized in secret, on a schedule that can only be compared to a speeding bullet, the question of where that bullet is going must be posed.

What is the actual cost of the Bill? Preferably done via 5th grade math as opposed to the usual Government math that only Congress can understand.
Will it cover all the roughly 46 million Americans that it was created to cover?
Will the long-term cost of health care go down?
Is there anything that will address medical malpractice lawsuits, which is a factor in the increasing cost of health care?
Will it require an expansion of the size and/or power of the Government?
When will it start, and when does the cost start?
Is there a Government option included?
How much will be cut from Medicare to create this?
How much of a financial burden will the public have to bear exactly? “

March 2010

“Upon signing, the Government will have the Right to tell the people what they must do. It will have the Right to control and therefore restrict freedom. Not in a passive manner, like limiting free speech such that incendiary words or actions that provoke harm are restricted. It will actively force people to act in a specific manner, and enforce that action. In a way it’s similar to training a puppy.

Once this Right of the Government exists, eventually the Government will decide another Right is needed. Another restriction, to benefit the public, will be created and enforced. The next time it might even be popular. Which will lead to another and another Right, and restriction for the people.”

No matter what the Supreme Court decides about the Health Care Reform (Obamacare), Government now knows that ascerting its Right above the people can be done. It can be done even as the majority of the population reject the legislation and demand its repeal. It can be done without anyone having full disclosure of the facts of the law, or the ramifications of the law. The key need only be that it has a stated purpose of being in the best interest of the nation.

The thought to be taken from Obamacare, and remebered for that future day when a popular law is proposed that restricts individual freedom to provide a Right of Government over the people, is that Government will always try to expand its power and claim it is for the best. Ultimately, as facts present themselves (like the fact Obamacare is not deficit enhancing, and that millions likely will lose their current healthcare whether they like it or not, and that tens of millions will remain without healthcare even with this law) the truth that the only net gain has been a loss of freedom will arise. Next time the Supreme Court may not rule to stop such a restriction of freedom. Next time there may be no means to reverse the action. Next time, or the time after that but eventually, we will be beyond the tipping point.

That is, if we don’t speak out, if we don’t vote to reprimand partisan action for the benefit of political gain. It will happen if we do not remind politicians, of whatever Party, that the power of the Government is ours alone.

The choice is on us, we the people. No matter what the Supreme Court rules in the coming days, only we hold the true power to ensure the power of the Government never exceeds the Rights of the People.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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