NY-22 challenger Mike Kicinski speaks about campaign to Southern Tier Tea Party

Before the election in November, Republicans and Democrats in New York will be selecting who they want to represent them at all levels of Government. On June 26th, one of the races for Republicans will be between one-term incumbent Rep. Richard Hanna (of the former NY-24) and challenger Michael Kicinski. This battle will be for whom constituents in the new redistricted New York 22nd Congressional will have represent their values in the November election.

Many residents of the newly created NY-22 are still unaware of the change that has occured. Many still do not realize that at the end of the year Rep. Maurice Hinchey will retire, and with his departure the highly gerrymandered former NY-22 will cease to exist as it does today. This gives all the candidates and incumbents a difficult road to travel.

Rep. Richard Hanna must introduce himself to a host of constituents that likely never saw his campaign commercials or speeches in 2010. At the same time, Rep Hanna must compete with failed expectations that some in the Tea Party claim. The Tea Party was a major supporter of Rep. Hanna in 2010.

This dissatisfaction has lead Michael Kicinski to run for office against Rep. Hanna. Having gained placement on the June 26th ballot, Mr. Kicinski is now moving ahead with his effort to win the the Primary battle, the first step in claiming a seat in Congress to represent Central New York.

We must note that we are in talks with Mr. Kicinski for an interview. We have not yet confirmed a date for that interview, but once in place we will provide further details to readers. We look forward to interviewing Mr. Kicinski, and providing our readers in Central and Southern New York the opportunity to learn more about him.

On May 2nd, at the Vestal Public Library in Vestal, New York we were able to catch up with Mr. Kicinski and cover his speech to the Southern Tier Tea Party. This was part of the regularly scheduled meetings for the Southern Tier Tea Party. In attendance were some 30 – 40 concerned constituents, who listened intently as Mr. Kicinski spoke.

Here is the full video of Mr. Kicinski’s speech, followed by the Q & A afterwards.

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  1. As found on Youtube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LTOnzIv1m0


    I think you will be in Otego tomorrow, I hope you talk about some of the specific problems NYS and the country is facing. Not how nice it would be if you get elected

  2. Bill1960D,

    Was this message meant for M V Consulting or Mr. Kicinski? If for the candidate, we have no connection for or against his campaign. We cover and interview as many candidates each election as possible.

    IF you do get to speak with him at an event we would like to hear the questions and response you get.

  3. This site is like a clrassoom, except I don’t hate it. lol

  4. We take that as a compliment. Thank you.

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