Response from Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo on DNA database

On February 15th, 2011 we asked NY-126 Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo to respond about her views on the delays in passing the DNA database Bill that was passed in the State Senate and supported by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

NY Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo

Specifically we asked Assemblywoman Lupardo “Where does Assemblywoman Lupardo stand on this issue [A08547A]? How does that coincide with her position from June 2011 [A05886 – which Assemblywoman Lupardo voted Yea]?”

The following is the VERBATIM response:

Mr. Vass:

Thanks for your inquiry regarding Assembly bills A5886b and A8547a. Although the two bills have some differences, I support their shared goal of expanding the DNA databank to include individuals convicted of all felonies and all misdemeanors.

The proposal that has advanced in the Assembly (A5886b) includes provisions that other proposals on the issue do not have, such as a commission to work on evidence preservation and databank oversight. A5886b would also allow access to the DNA databank to help avoid wrongful convictions and exonerate wrongfully convicted persons. This is something that New York State Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman supports.

As Governor Cuomo included expanding the DNA databank in his executive budget proposal, the issue is currently being negotiated as part of the budget process. The Assembly is advocating that the expansion include some of the additional provisions from A5886b. The final agreement will undoubtedly reflect a compromise between the Assembly, Senate, and Governor.


Donna A. Lupardo
Member of Assembly

We thank Assemblywoman Lupardo for her prompt response in regard to our questions. In both the questions asked about this issue and the response from the Assemblywoman, we hope to have brought attention to and greater interaction from the public. We feel this is an issue which has the ability to impact residents of New York State no matter which part of the State they may call home.

How do you feel about this issue? What do you think of the response by Assemblywoman Lupardo? Have you made your voice heard to your local State elected official?

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