Interview with Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (D-NY 126) – Jan 27, 2012

We asked Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo for an interview about her invitation on Jan 10, 2012 to the White House for a roundtable meeting – “For Democracy’s Future: Education Reclaims Our Civic Mission”. We were given the opportunity for the meeting on Friday, Jan 27th.

The meeting at the White House was slated as a “day of discussions with prominent educators and policy makers from across the country to discuss how colleges and universities can build and strengthen their community partnerships.” Assemblywoman Lupardo was selected due to her role as the Chair of the Legislative Commission on Science & Technology, and her efforts with the community and Binghamton University.

Our primary focus was on how the honor of the meeting at the White House will tangibly impact residents of the 126th District of New York, and citizens in Binghamton, NY. We also wanted to inquire as to what results and innovations came from the meeting.

On a tangent, we also wanted to ask Assemblywoman Lupardo about rumors based on the retirement of Rep. Maurice Hinchey, and the potential that she may run for Congress. Lastly, given the limited time due to her busy schedule, we sought to ask about her opinion on the budget of Gov. Cuomo and her concerns – released in a Press release on 1/27/12 – about the DoT consolidation proposals.

The following video interview is uncut, as always. It is in 2 parts. The first is in reference to the White house meeting, the 2nd part is dealing with the other tangial issues.

Please do let us know what you think.

Part 2

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