Candlelight vigil held for Keith Slater

There was a quiet and somber event that took place at the Court Street Bridge across from River Read Books. There was a gathering of some 50 or more people, each holding a candle. Some were speaking, some were there as support for the family. All of it was in memory of Keith Slater.

Mr. Slater is understood to be the man that on Sept 28, 2011 was reported to be calling for help in the Chenango River. Binghamton firefighters and police searched for him, and even Lockheed Martin volunteered their helicopter to help in the search. At 3pm on the 28th efforts were called to an end with a pair of sneakers spotted beneath Memorial Bridge being the only clue being found. So far nothing more has been found of Keith Slater.

The candlelight vigil was ongoing at 11pm on Friday night. We did not intrude on the event, and were only able to gather the following cellphone photo (as we were unaware of the event before coming across it).

Candlelight vigil at Court Street Bridge

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Mr. Slater.

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