Rep. Maurice Hinchey speaks, sometimes

Twitter can be so interesting at times. That is when you have your elected politicians selected to follow. You get to listen to your Senator as they promote a new Presidential proposal, but refuse to respond to any questions about it, or to address those question (like Senator Charles Schumer has done on the American Jobs Act). You also get to see something else that is quite unique.

mauricehinchey Maurice Hinchey
House bill falls short on disaster relief. Senate bill gets the job done. See my floor speech – from Twitter on 9/21/11

We did visit the link to listen to the speech. We commend Rep. Hinchey for addrerssing the need of his constituents, especially after the devastating flood that recently hit Binghamton, Broome County, and many other parts of New York and Pennsylvania. This is of course what an elected politicians is supposed to do. Represent, and seek to aid, the constituents they were elected by.

But we also paused. We recalled something else that the Twitter feed does not touch upon. Where was Rep. Hinchey’s voice on other matters that directly and profoundly affect his constituents?

While we do not have record of Twitter at the time, when the Health Care Reform was being discussed Rep. Maurice Hinchey declined to speak to constituents on the issue. As reported by several news media, Rep. Hinchey did not discuss the Health Care Reform, though it was a major issue – and even though he did falsely claim to have attended townhalls on the subject, as he stated to the Binghamton Chamber of Commerce (since Oct 19th, 2010 neither Rep. Hinchey nor his office have responded to our request for the dates of any town hall he tattended on the Health Care Reform).

In reference to the Debt Ceiling, in 3 votes – 2 for Republican initiatives and the last the deal by the White House, there was no vote from Rep. Hinchey. Though he was promoting Federal spending just 2 days after, Rep. Hinchey failed to voice an opinion or to vote the will of his constituents at the time. The ramifications from that debt ceiling deal are still reverberating and changing the nature of Government spending as we speak.

In fact, Rep. Hinchey was willing to write a press release on Aug 1, 2011 – denouncng the debt ceiling bill – but he could not make a vote? A vote that even Rep. Gabby Giffords found important enough to appear and take a stand on.

We applaud whenever an elected official takes a stand in favor of their constituents. We commend a vigorous and strong stance to help those in need, especially from natural disasters. But at the same time we do not forget. Especially when those same politicians forgo their obligations – whether for political partisanship or a desire to be re-elected.

Twitter is great, because when it comes to a politician it can make you aware of what they are doing, and what they have failed to do.

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