Janeane Garafalo – the definitive source on what is Black

If those on the far-left have any question on why so many find their positions obnoxious, and their rhetoric silly, they only have to look to Janeane Garafalo.

Oppressors? Racists? An organization that seeks to marginalize people of color, for the sole purpose of advancing an agenda. These are the words of Garafalo. A White woman, who has never spent a moment being Black let alone having lived through the Civil Rights Movement nor had to endure the difficulty of advancing in business as a person of color.

Is this the voice that leads the Black community? Is her view the consensus? Is it even accurate?

According to Garafalo, and former President Carter, opposition to Obama Administration policies are racist and perhaps a form of dementia

These are their words. They claim to speak on behalf of people of color. They claim to know what is best for people of color. They have identified opposition to President Obama as definitively wrong and vile.

So what do they have to say about Rep. Maxine Waters of the Congressional Black Caucus?

Ms. Garafalo, and other members of the far-left, is Rep. Waters a racist? Is she suffering from Stockholm Syndrome from being in the Congressional Black Caucus? Is she being paid to say she, and the entire Congressional Black Caucus, are ready to unleash on President Obama for his failures?

Why is it that when people like Janaeane Garafalo and President Carter tell us what Black people should and should not be, it brings up thoughts of plantations and slavery? Why is it when serious questions are presented to President Obama, any person of color asking the question is brushed off as insane? Why is it that White members of the far-left are adamant on how EVERY person of color should act and react?

Is it not racist to assume that EVERY person of color in the nation must think as as few White liberals think they should? Is it not racist to demean someone simply based on the color of their skin and the choice they make? Is it not racist to isloate people of color simply because they don’t agree with what a few rich, White, elites decide is best?

The reality is that African Americans are suffering worse than the general population of America in the current, continuing downturn. Thats through the promised yet never actualize promises of the Obama Stimulus, the Health Care Reform, the control of the House Senate and Presidency by Democrats in a supermajority that ensured passage of ANYTHING they wished. But to say that, with all the results, is abysmal and detrimental is racist – according to the all knowing and definitive decree of far-left liberals like Janeane Garafalo – is what is absurd.

The definition of what is Black is anything but definitive. There is no cookie-cutter mold for being Black, or a person of color. Just as there is no list of prerequisites for being White, or Asian, or anything else. Only the most obnoxious, meglomaniacal, and racist person would assume that they know what is best for a race of people that they know nothing about being.

We present an open invitation to Janeane Garafalo to speak with M V Consulting president Michael Vass, any day in any forum, on what it is to be Black or a person of color. We give an open invitation to Ms. Garafalo to debate her credentials on knowing what is best for all African Americans and people of color. We offer the open invitation to discuss if it is racist to hold an opinion, or to be lead by a leash by a miniority of elistist rich Whites.

We dare her to take us up on this.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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