Letter to Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Rep. Maurice Hinchey on debt ceiling

Senator Charles Schumer
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Rep. Maurice Hinchey

As a constituent and member of the press I would like to ask you about the current situation of the national debt ceiling. It is obviously a matter that affects every American, potentially for decades to come. A well thought out solution to the problem is undeniably critical.

Therefore I have the following questions, based in part from the questions of my viewership, as well as my comcerns as your constiuent.

1) Have you consulted with the President, and/or the rest of the Democrat leadership, to ensure that Treasury Secretary Geithner – asuming the debt ceiling is not passed – makes paying the SSI, disability, veterans, and other critical needs individuals a priority for the funds that will be available on August 3rd?

2) What have you advised the Democrat leadership, in regard to tax increases as well as spending cuts, to make a deal on the debt ceiling possible? Based on those recommendations, how will your constituents be affected?

3) Have you highlighted your experience that tax increases, by themselves, will not resolve the debt issue – as it has not resolved the issue for New York State, even as we are one of the highest taxed States in the nation for a prolonged period now.

4) Looking forward, with the understanding that the U.S. credit rating is poised to be downgraded which would lead to dramatic changes in the economy and hamper the ability of many Americans and your constituents to maintain their current lifestyle, what do you propose for future spending cuts, and/or changes in Government programs? How will those future proposals, if enacted, affect your constituents in New York State?

5) Are you willing to vote for a debt ceiling increase? Are you willing to do so only if tax increases are attached? Are you willing to do so if tax increases are NOT included but spending cuts are included?

As a constituent, small business owner, and a member of the press, these questions are of the utmost concern to voters and my readership. As always, I will provide a VERBATIM copy of whatever you state in response, such that your constituents will have a clear understanding of your efforts in this matter, in your own words.

If you would like to further clarify your positions, or otherwise speak to my readers on this matter or any other, I invite you to contact M V Consulting, Inc. so that we may set up an interview via phone, email, or in person as best fits your schedule.

As a constituent of New York State, and a member of the press, I thank you for your time and attention on this matter. I look forward to your response.


Michael Vass
President – M V Consulting, Inc.

Sent on 7/13/11 to:

Senator Charles Schumer – https://schumer.senate.gov/Contact/contact_chuck.cfm
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand – http://gillibrand.senate.gov/contact/
Representative Maurice Hinchey – https://forms.house.gov/hinchey/webforms/zip_auth.shtm

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About the Author

Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

6 Comments on "Letter to Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Rep. Maurice Hinchey on debt ceiling"

  1. Comment as found at http://www.teamwatch.us/ny/cd22/2011/07/23/is-hinchey-for-raising-taxes-debt-ceiling/

    Mike Dovich, Facilitator
    TWCD 22

    I would like to see these questions posed by Mr.Vass, answered by our Elected Officials answered in a public forum with the video cameras rolling.

  2. Mr. Dovich,

    Feel free to use our questions if you find yourself in front of any of these representatives.

    In fact, if ANYONE is in a town hall, or at a press conference, or writting a letter to their elected officials, please use any of our questions that you feel are relevant. Get the answers that you need to know.

    We would only ask, that if you do use a question we have posed, especially if being recorded by other press or for youtube, please mention where the original question came from (just Mr. Michael Vass name or this blog is fine).

    If our questions can help you get answers, we have done our job.

  3. I am disgusted with the GOP. I’m tired of seeing this president backing down to representatives that are ignorant and have nothing but contempt for tue American people, who have elected them.
    I’m tired of the raciest overtones and I believe that the GOP will not be happy until they bring this country down.
    The middle class have built America. We have fought the wars for the rich, the corporations and those who need our support. We are disappearing and before to long our voices will be silent.

  4. Janet,

    Thank you for your honest open comment. I want to respond, but I want to be clear I am not attacking you.

    The GOP definitely has its problems. But they are not in control of the Presidency, nor the Senate. Democrats are.

    In fact Democrats have held sway since 2006 elections. So many of the current issues lie at their doorstep, though Republicans are only slightly further from blame.

    President Obama has backed away from many of his campaign promises, does that upset you? He not only has not ended any wars, but has started a new war, in Libya, that literally has no connection to America. Does that upset you?

    The Health Care Reform set a precedent legally where the Government has a right to impose its will on the public. Which some may agree with under an Obama Presidency, but what about that same power under ANY other President? Would you have supported President Bush having this same power? If not, why is ANY other President better with that same power?

    Democrats had a Supermajority, which allowed passage of ANYTHING they wished. With that opportunity, they did not balance the budget, end the recession, improve housing prices or even decrease the trend in all-time high foreclosure rates. They did not end any wars. They did not usher in amnesty for illegal aliens. They nearly failed to pass the Health Care Reform (it required several sweetheart deals – or bribes if you prefer just to get passed in the widely accepted problematic form it is currently in) – just with the votes of Democrats alone.

    The middle class will bear the burden of the national debt, perhaps the hardest of any group in America. President Obama has offered no plan to reduce that debt in a manner that exceeds 1/3 the rate of interest on the debt so far. He has offered no plan to slow spending, and thus plans to increase the debt and burden. Does that upset you?

    Is your outrage justified? Sure. At the same time, to blindly say that only the GOP is at fault is to ignore the fact in front of you. Democrats and President Obama are equally to blame in the long-term, and moreso in recent history.

    Which says nothing of the questions I have asked in this article. Do you know the answer to any of these questions for your State? Your city? Have your elected officials offered any answers or credibly removed the fears of constituents? Or have they upped the fear by speading false impressions of starvation of the most needy, that can only happen at the direct order of President Obama himself?

    Am I satisfied with all the actions of the GOP? No. But in the absence of leadership and a purposive direction out of the problem, I’ll take what I can get.

    Your angry, and so am I. So are millions. But are you angry about the facts, or are you simply feeding off the media interpetation and political spin on television about the facts?

    Those are the questions we should all ask.

  5. Janet,

    Seperate of all that, is it racist to disagree with the President? Was it racist for me, as a Black Hispanic, to disagree with the policy of President Bush? If not, why is it racist to disagree with the policy of President Obama?

    Political policy has no color. To disagree due to idealogical differences is not racist, it’s American.

  6. Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Schnoll | July 29, 2011 at 6:20 pm |

    Please get you fellow senators and congressmen to finalize this issue about the debt crisis. We should not go into default.

    THis is a horrible situation and it should be resolved immediately.

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