Letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo on potential affect to NYS from debt ceiling

Governor Andrew Cuomo

As a constituent and member of the press, I have and have received concerns on how the debt ceiling will affect the State of New York, if no agreement is made on or before August 2nd. I would like to share those concerns with you, and look forward to your response.

While this matter is directly being worked on by the President and Congress, its full potential effects are to every American for decades to come. Therefore I ask the following:

1) What preparations are in place or being made, in the case that a debt ceiling agreement is not reached on or before August 2nd?

2) What, if any, essential services and/or programs for the residents of New York State would be affected by the failure to raise the debt ceiling? When would such changes occur?

3) Have you been in touch with the Democrat, and/or Republican, leadership and Congressional representatives of the State in Washington D.C., about your concerns on the debt ceiling? If so, can you share any response they have given you at this time?

4) Have you shared your experience that a tax increase only solution will not be sufficient to resolve the national debt concern, just as prior increases in taxation (leading New York to be one of the highest tax States, and causing an exodus of population over time) was not a remedy for the needs of New York State in the past?

5) If a debt ceiling agreement is not reached, how do you foresee this affecting the individual cities and towns across the State, besides how it will affect State Government?

6) Have you spoken with any or all of the Mayors across the State, in preparation for any potential changes that will result from a failure to increase the debt ceiling?

7) Considering that the debt ceiling is an issue that will come up again in the near-term, is there any preparations being made in case a future crisis is not averted? Is there any actions that are being taken now to minimize the potential effect on New York State of a failure to increase the debt ceiling in the future?

Gov. Cuomo, these questions are not only important to me as a member of the press, but as a resident of New York State. As is the policy of M V Consulting, Inc. any and all responses from you will be provided to my readers and fellow constituents, VERBATIM, such that they will have answers and know your efforts in this matter on their behalf.

Similar requests for a response on the active actions on behalf of the people of New York have been sent to Sen. Schumer, Sen. Gillibrand, Rep. Maurice Hinchey, and on a local level to Mayor Matt Ryan.

I thank you as a constituent and member of the press for your attention and response on this matter.

Michael Vass
President – M V Consulting, Inc.

Sent on 7/13/11 to:

Governor Andrew Cuomo – http://www.governor.ny.gov/contact/GovernorContactForm.php

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