The NY 2012 congressional race turns on the heat early

Things are certainly heating up for the 2012 election cycle. There is the fact that President Obama is up for re-election, facing the winner of the currently 9 candidate race for the Republican ticket. The debates are already ongoing and by the end of summer the chances are that at least 2 of the potentials will be gone. But that is not the only election cycle that has started.

In more local news, the race for the New York 22nd Congressional district has also kicked into gear. An early start indeed, but the big challenge to Rep. Maurice Hinchey will once again be George Phillips. Mr. Phillips has stated,

1) We had one of the closest and most exciting races in the country in 2010

2) We believe our district will be improved in the redistricting process

3) Given our strong performance, we believe we can receive national support much earlier in 2012 if we start now

4) We have received tremendous encouragement to run again from so many supporters as well as local, state and national leaders.

5) We face great challenges as a nation and I believe I can still make a difference serving in the United States Congress.

We have previously covered the entire 2010 mid-term elections in Central New York, and have interviews Mr. Phillips on several occasions (Rep. Maurice Hinchey has refused all of our multiple attempts to interview him – before during and after the election, as well as refusing to respond to all correspondence). In addition we have coverage of the debates, and town hall meetings that Mr. Phillips and Rep. Hinchey have attended.

We believe that Phillips is correct when he states that national support may well be a factor of the 2012 election in the Southern Tier. Due to the huge wave of support for Mr. Phillips, President Clinton was trotted out to shore up fundraising and anchor support for Rep. Hinchey in the final weeks of the mid-term elections. While it is unlikely that President Clinton will return to save the Hinchey campaign again, as we believe he will be needed to shore up support for President Obama, other national interests will be sure to be involved.

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Oh, 2012 is going to be exciting.

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