Central New York Tea Party organizations merge and expand for 2012 election

We believe that we mentioned that the 2012 election cycle was going to be heating up, on both the national and local level, very early. That was said due to George Phillips stepping up and announcing his challenge for Rep. Maurice Hinchey’s seat in Congress for the New York 22nd Congressional district. Well we didn’t count on other big news.

We just received a notice from the Southern Tier Tea Party. Based on this news, the influence of the Tea PArty on the 2012 election is sure to be at least as strong a in the 2010 mid-term elections, if not far greater. Oh how things are changing.

“The Southern Tier Tea Party (STTP) announced today that the Broome TEA Party organization is joining it to create one consolidated local Tea Party group. The combination of the two organizations will increase the capability of the non-partisan Tea Party to carry out its mission of educating citizens about the core principles of Fiscally Responsible Government, Constitutionally Limited Government and Advancement of Free Enterprise and Individual Liberty. The Tea Party actively supports candidates for office and office holders who subscribe to those core principles of good government.

New officers, who reflect the two previous organizations, have just been elected. Ms. Jane Stebela, Binghamton, Director of the STTP Liberty Institute is President; Mr. Mike Pratt, Endicott, Vice-President; Mr. Gary Perry, Waverly, Treasurer and Mr. E.C. “Bud” Caldwell, Apalachin, Secretary. The officers terms will run through May 2012.

Former Broome TEA Party Director, Mike Pratt stated, “I am pleased that the Tea Party has grown so significantly here in the Southern Tier and in the 22nd Congressional District. We worked along with the STTP during the 2010 campaigns and both were effective in achieving increased turnout for our supported candidates. By combining forces with the STTP under one organizational structure we can be even more effective in the coming elections. I look forward to joining in the exciting activities now underway with the STTP and we will bring our full support to them.”

Ms. Stebela, joined Mr. Pratt in welcoming the added strength of the combined organizations. “We have adopted the better practices of both local Tea Party organizations to build a cohesive and productive entity. We will continue our substantial educational activities and increase participation in public events such as the recent Owego Strawberry Festival and the upcoming Spiedie Fest. We are also kicking off a strong Get Out The Vote (GOTV) activity and a Legislative Action Committee to alert our members to opportunities to voice their inputs on local, state and national legislative issues. The combined STTP and the Broome TEA Party resources will greatly multiply the reach and effectiveness of all of these activities.”

Currently the STTP has established the Liberty Institute that has core elements of Education, Book Club, Book Store and Lending Library. A Speakers Bureau is being developed to provide non-political speakers on topics of America’s historical foundations. Speakers will be available to civic, church and school organizations when established.

The Southern Tier Tea Party meets at 6:30 PM on the first and third Tuesday of the month at the Brothers II, 2901 Watson Blvd., Endwell, NY. The STTP may be contacted for further information at stteaparty@gmail.com, Their web site is stteaparty.com for more information about the Southern Tier Tea Party, other planned events and membership.”

Oh yeah, this is going to be a fun election cycle.

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