Ron Barrett of NY Southern Tier Tea Party speaks out on 2011 budget compromise

“All politics is local” – former U.S. Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill

This quote has never been disputed, and rightly so. No matter how large the issue, no matter how broad the scope, politics always is a personal and local matter. Thus we sought to have several of the local Central New York Tea Party organizations speak about the ramifications and broken promises of the recent 2011 budget compromise. We will be following up this article with a more complete series of statements from the organizations we have contacted, but the immediate response from The Southern Tier Tea Party was as follows:

“The Republican leadership identified what they described as ‘hundreds of billions of dollars of duplication, waste and failed programs’ in the Federal Budget. Yet only $38.5 Billion was agreed on to be eliminated. The budget now to be passed is $3.8 Trillion. That is 3,800 billion dollars and we can find only 1% to reduce? That reduction is comparable to eliminating a few French fries from a Quarterpounder meal with a soda and large fries!

The House of Representatives is responsible for initiating the Federal Budget. The Democrat Party in Congress never passed the budget for this year. Note then that this budget was never a real budget, but only a proposal filled with all kinds of goodies from the Congressional and bureaucratic wish lists! Therefore the Republicans, with a substantial majority in the House and with over four months since the election could have, but did not carry out the mandate given to them by the 2010 election. That mandate was to make major reductions in Federal spending and greatly reduce the deficit. This “historic reduction” does neither.

The Tea Party stands for fiscally responsible government as one of its core values. Until elected officials understand and respond to the financial crisis at the local, state and national level we will be tireless in identifying and supporting candidates who share that value. Where elected officials do not show responsibility, we hope to see them replaced. Where newly elected officials renege on their commitments, we will hope to see them faced with voter action to restore their position and if not, then to replace them at the next election.

The Tea Party is non-partisan. It supports principles above party. Hopefully both major partys will come to their senses about out of control, unaffordable and disastrous spending. The Tea Party will support those that do so.” – Ron Barrett, President of The Southern Tier Tea Party.

This initial statement by Ron Barrett will be followed up, along with the responses from the Norwich Tea Party Patriots, the Americans for Restoring the Constitution, and any other Tea Party organization in Central New York State that wishes to respond to our inquiry.

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