Another Obama’s focus on making choices for you

Eating healthy is a good thing. Counting calories has become the new national OCD complex. Yet that is not enough for the White House. The Health Care Reform was shoved down the collective national throat, and there is more to follow it.

The efforts of First Lady Michelle Obama are very clear. The public is too dumb to know what to eat or provide for children. Given such stupidity, it is up to the Obama Administration and via the power of the name of the White House carried by Michelle Obama, to correct the national diets. Liberals across the nation must be cheering.

So far Michelle Obama has moved soft drink makers to include calorie counts on cans and bottles. Mrs. Obama has moved Congress to dictate an increase in vegetables and fruits in school meals, as well as forcing restaurants to place nutrition information on menus. Now the First Lady wants to have restaurants cut the portion size of meals – possibly for adults as well as children.

For those that celebrate the moves by California cities to restrict freedom by making it illegal to smoke in a private residence, or in New York State as it tried to enact taxes on sugar in foods and restrictions on salt in restauraunts, this is a logical and wanted step. But for those that are concerned about Government micro-managing individuals daily actions and rights of choice, this is an outrage.

The defense of Michelle Obama is that her actions are not official. She has no elected power. Businesses are not required to do anything. All true.

But the fact is that the First Lady is more than just a spokeswoman. Her words imply a mandate from the White House and the President. In combination with the Health Care Reform, it denotes a clear imperative of the Obama Administration and the far-left. It suggests a reaction against any business that would not adopt the changes that the First Lady promotes.

What is at stake is personal freedom. The ability of parents to make choices on what they provide their kids and adults consuming what they want. It is even more dangerous as it sets a precedent of Government deciding for the public. In conjunction with the Health Care Reform it creates an atmosphere people are told what to do, under the guise of the best interest of the people.

This is not just about the actions of First Lady Michelle Obama. When you see California trying to mandate actions of the public, when you see the State of New York trying to intrude on personal choices, and New York City impeding the public’s Right to choose. This is a clear path of Government invading personal freedom.

Nothing is more dangerous than when Government decides what is proper for individuals lives, under the call to action of the best interest for the public good. Where does it stop? Will anyone complain if all adults are required to go to a gym every week? Will it be seen as a restriction of freedom if pizza with extra cheese or pepperoni is outlawed? Will you be willing to speak out if the First Lady required restaurants to only sell meat dishes on Tuesdays, or the Government said that individuals must own a bicycle instead of a car – because it is healthier.

On it’s face the push for good health by First Lady Michelle Obama is a good thing. But her actions are not in a vaccum, nor are there no political ramifications going forward. There is an agenda, the fuel to allow the Government to dictate and micro-manage individual lives. All of which is being done voluntarily, for fear of what might happen if Lady Obama influenced her husband to mandate changes under the Health Care Reform or similar law.

We are reminded of a simple thought. For more than 200 years America has grown without the need of Government deciding what is best for individuals to do. Yet today there are more regulations and restrictions than ever before. At the same time there are more problems. One may not be connected to another, but going forward they seem more connected than ever.

Simply put, First Lady Michelle Obama, the White House, Congress, State and city governments all need to stay out of our personal lives. If an individual wants to eat a cheeseburger every day, it is their Right. If we choose to have health insurance that covers any and every concievable possibility or none at all, its our option. If we allow our kids to play football, or sit in front of a video game, it is not the choice that Government gets to make.

Freedom by definition also means making the wrong choice and learning from it at times. Yet, the very last group that should determine what is or is not a choice is the Government. There is no other group so clear and well-documented in making the wrong choice and ignoring the concequences of those bad decisions.

In New York State, the public was angered by the restrictions proposed by the State and rejected them. We see no reason why the same should not happen to Michelle Obama’s proposal to reduce the size of meals, or dictate what can or cannot be offered to the public.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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