Illegal aliens gain jobs as Americans are unemployed

Over and over again, supporters of illegal aliens like to ask what proof is there that illegal aliens take jobs away from Americans. Any debate about illegal immigration always winds up including a request of proof. Never mind any requests for converse proof, but that is another matter.

The Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University in Boston, did a review of Census data for Reuters and revealed interesting facts. The big number was that from 2008 until 2010, immigrants gained 1.1 million jobs. That’s as 6.26 million Americans lost their jobs; and 9.4% (or 28.2 million people) still do not have one. [According to Bureau of Labor Statistics – 153.9 million persons worked at some point during 2009. Number of persons who experienced some unemployment during 2009 increased by 4.9 million to 26.1 million]

But clarification needs to be made. The Census didn’t find 1.1 million illegal aliens that got a job. If only it were so easy to identify (and remove) illegal aliens.

The immigrants in the Census were generally legally in the United States. Andrew Sum, the director of the Center for Labor Market Studies, believes that possibly 35% of the immigrants in the data are illegal. Which means that some 350,000 illegal aliens gained a job in America, representing 5.6% of Americans that went unemployed at the same time.

The numbers don’t even addrerss the 6,000,000 illegal aliens that were estimated to enter the US from 2000 until 2008. Illegal aliens that generally do not fill out Census forms and avoid detection by any Government agency for fear of deportation. Criminals that take jobs, don’t pay taxes, and are eligile for entitlements in some santuary cities – in violation of Federal law.

Many supporters of amnesty and illegal aliens (like the union in the following quote) will say that any job taken by an illegal alien is a job that no American will take.

Farm workers in particular argue that Americans would not do the tough field work that is rife with undocumented workers, titling one recent union campaign “Take Our Jobs”. The slogan meant that if Americans wanted their jobs, then take them. But it is likely they don’t.

Yet the data from the Census showed that most of the immigrants (13%), and therefore the illegals, got work as hotel maids, dishwashers and the like. While many Americans would not like to pick fruit in a field on a hot day, tens of thousands of Americans are dishwashers and maids, and other low skill jobs. Which says nothing of the jobs landed in the medical and social services industries. Those are jobs that Americans want, and they went to illegal aliens.

A great example is the construction industry. The unemployment rate in that industry is almost 21%. In December 2010 alone there were at least 16,000 people laid off according to Brian Turmail, spokesman for the Associated General Contractors of America. But the data revealed, according to the 35% estimate of illegal aliens included in the Census, some 30,000 illegal aliens were hired.

Of course some will say that all 350,000 illegal aliens are less than .1% of the population of America. That in a nation so large, these jobs would not affect the unemployment rate. And it is true that the above is estimated at .1% of the population; though more than 10x the population of Binghamton NY and other small cities around the nation. It is also true that it ignores the other roughly 6 million illegal aliens that entered the nation. And it says nothing about the millions of illegal aliens that reside in this nation from the Clinton and/or Reagan years.

Forgetting all the other illegal aliens in the nation, and rounding down severely, what were the other 5 million criminals doing to live? They had to earn money somewhere. And those jobs were not all on a farm. Which means there were tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of jobs being taken from Americans that likely would have done them.

So there are jobs being lost to illegal aliens. There are Americans suffering because of these criminal invaders, and not just a handful. It has been proven by the Census data and Reuters.

Thus the question becomes, what is more important? Is it more important to reward these active criminals that are infringing on the ability of Americans to live, or do we need to end the open door policy that some (like San Francisco) believe is the only answer?

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