Michael Moore, guns and a commentary

It is just so fustrating to listen to some figures on the left and far-left as they spout on about the absolute horrors of guns. In their immutable view guns kill, often and without discrimination. To these people, the gun manufacturers and any organization that sells bullets are akin to demons, while anyone promoting the 2nd Amendment is either a fool or a succubi.

The big thing they all like to speak about these days is Columbine and Michael Moore’s movie. They quote the movie, they ask Moore for his opinion. Because in their view no other opinion seems to matter. Case in point, Rachel Maddow on the 17th of this month.

First off, it needs to be said that Ms. Maddow is misinformed. At 1:42 in the video she implies that gun policy will not change ANYWHERE in the nation because 2nd Amendment advocates will not bend. That failing to change the laws allows events like the Giffords shooting to occur. That’s just not true.

Laws change all the time. Regionally there is constant change. In Central New York Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo – a gun rights advocate and Democrat – has tried to enact gun control law restricting the mentally disabled from having a gun or liscence for 2 years. That’s 2 years in New York State with a Democrat State Government, with a law by a Democrat, that had no opposition and 100% bi-partisan support. The Bill remains an idea, but you can’t say that gun nuts and Republicans are at fault for that.

At 3:31 in the video Michael Moore asks what is the price of a federal judge. The implication is that allowing gun ownership cheapens life. That violent Americans – he had just prior described the historical connection of America and violence and guns – cannot help themselves if a gun is around.

Given such thoughts it’s amazing that there are any Americans alive right now. Tens of millions of Americans own guns right now, which says nothing of the number over the history of the nation. As violent and out of control as some on the left would like to depict the nation, we have relatively few gun deaths each year. If anything, with such a proliferation of guns, the unique and expansive mix of religions, ethnicities, political views, and other items of disagreement, America shines as a nation of restraint. A restraint that nations across the world, with far less diversity, cannot claim to achieve.

Moore goes on to praise the virtues of Canada and their gun laws. But wait. Something was just skipped over. A point that many liberals tend to ignore.

Criminals don’t follow gun laws.

Amazing and true. A revelation for the far-left. Crips, bank robbers, kidnappers, drug dealers and so on just don’t follow the rules. They generally are not liscenced owners of guns. They do illegal things with, and without, their guns. So every restriction and idea in Canada, America, and the minds of liberals are useless the second a criminal gets a gun. Even England, a nation with the strictest firearms legislation in the world short of prohibition, knows that.

But forgetting the criminals for a moment, how do the Canadian laws (described by Moore 5:08 in video) work in a Tuscon/Columbine situation. That is to say, would those laws stop a crazy nut from killing someone? The answer is no. Greater restriction does not prevent a nut from doing anything, including using guns or bombs to kill innocents.

Getting back to the point at hand, Maddow and Moore then go on to a subject close to my heart. Why do we have guns, and home invasion. Moore spends some time, with Maddow spurring him on, describing some deepseated imaginary home invasion senario he believes people with guns have. Then he tells gun ownwers that they are racists.

“That imaginary person that’s going to break into your home and kill you…Who does that person look like? It’s not freckle-faced Jimmy from down the street is it really? I mean that’s not real, that’s not what, we never really want to talk about the racial or the class part of this. In terms of how it’s the poor or it’s people of color we imagine that we are afraid of. Why are we afraid? And its been a fear that’s existed for a very very long time.”

Ok. I have lived through a home invasion. It’s not a dream or nightmare I ever had in 42 years of life, in cities across the country. I’ve lived next to crack houses in my youth, without fear of ever being assaulted as Moore imples gun owners dream. But when my house was broken into at 4am on a Saturday morning in the small and safe city I call home, by a man intent on causing harm, I was more than happy to have a gun. And I guarantee that at 4am, no one cares about the color of a criminal breaking into their home.

Of all the gun owners I have ever known, not one has ever had the racially biased view that Michael Moore has. When you live in an area that is say 90% White, you expect the criminals to be White. If the area is predominantly people of color, there you go. Except the nation is predominantly filled with Whites. If anything, the majority of people should (unless they have irrational fears like Michael Moore) be afraid of “freckle-faced Jimmy from down the street”.

On the other hand, I would be surprised if “Jimmy” was rich. Generally speaking, poor people tend to need something – food, shelter, clothes, transportation, ect – which is why they steal. Rich people already have the basics and a whole lot more. No real need to steal.

So in effect, Michael Moore is racist (has irrational and illogical fears of people of color) and hates himself (he is very rich), by his own words. Worse yet, he is a hypocrit.

In the end, Moore and Maddow, and Bill Mahr, and all the other pundits and celebs calling for gun control have bodyguards with guns. Many of these people have guns themselves as well. So in effect they want to control YOUR guns. They want to manage YOUR actions. Because compared to the average person, the liberals are far superior. Such is their implications at the root of their statements.

Guns are not evil. Guns in fact aren’t dangerous. People are. It really is just that simple.

“Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. With cars, bottles, bats, bricks, knives, choking, ect. Guns just make it easier.”

Perhaps Michael Moore, and those that agree with him can’t see the truth of such a statement because they are far too superior to bother with it. Perhaps criminals, in a perfect world that the far-left envision might follow rules one day. Maybe admitting the most dangerous people in America are young White males is just too much.

But with the average burglary happening every 14.3 seconds in the U.S., I’ll stick to my gun.

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