North Korea – the threat we only talk about

President Obama has long held that the policy in dealing with North Korea needs to be discussion, as this technique is the best process in moving forward. He stated this policy during his campaign to get elected. He has continued this policy as President. We may now be seeing the fruition of that policy. Pray this is incorrect.

As most of America slept early on the 23rd of November, North Korea and South Korea exchanged artillery attacks. Given the high tension between the nations after the sinking of a South Korean military vessel, the news is more than troubling. Add to that the fact that the nuclear ambitions of North Korea include the successive launch of nuclear warhead capable missles as America asked the nation to please stop.

North Korea has spent 60 years in a dictatorship with a singular purpose. For 6 decades the nation has prepared for the continuation of the Korean War with America (the War ended on a truce that has held to this day). The result is a nation that can’t feed it’s people, and it’s only product is a militiary that could stand against almost any nation including China. That military (N. Korea) is roughly 10,000,000 soldiers strong.

The leadership of North Korea is best described as unstable. Kim Jong-Il is noted for his love of power and efforts to blackmail the world into providing for his nation. As Jong ages, with his son set to take over as he did for his father, the fate of the nation has been long in question.

This powderkeg has smoldered through more than 8 American Presidents. Each Administration has been aware of the threat, most have kept it in check through bribes (food for the population) and threats. But President Obama foretold of a better answer in his untested opinion. Through his impressive speaking skills he would talk to a nation regarded as unstable and a liar, and would resolve the situation to the benefit of America.

Talking has provided North Korea with multiple missle launches, and a more aggressive stance against South Korea – which they have never officially end their war with either. Things have gotten so bad that China is afraid of the nation. Both because of the potential of millions of refugees entering China, as well as that North Korea may well attack China as fast as any other nation they decide is hindering the nation.

If this situation escalates, which an exchange of artillery and the loss of civillian lives drives at, America will be squarely in the middle. And where America treads in Asia, China must be involved. North Korea holds tenuous treaties with China much as South Korea does with America. Which says nothing of the tens of thousands of American troops stationed along the DMZ.

The Korean Penninsula is the ground where a world war can start faster than the 24/7 news media can keep up.

Why have so many people faulted President Obam for being an apologist for America? Why have they demanded that the President present America as a strong nation willing to stand up for it’s ideals?

In part because it is that impression, the image of cowboys – right or wrong – that has kept many nations across the world from devolving into open conflicts costing potentially hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives. Because World War III has never been averted by speaking softly, but the big stick America has carried and oft threatened to use. That is the reality of what it is to be the leader of the world.

North Korea, and Iran as well as many other nations, would never dare act as they have under the Obama Administration. The fear of the “cowboy Americas” kept them at bay. But no nation fears a diplomat. No nation fears a nuclear power that has stated that it will not use it’s greatest weapon. Even if it’s own people were to be attacked en masse via horrific bio-weapons or other means. President Obama took away that fear (when he set the national nuclear weapon policy in 2009).

We pray that the exchange of artillery attacks, following the attack on South Korean military vessels, does not escalate. We pray that the response of the Obama Administration is, or at least sounds, more than a school teachers plea to behave. We pray that China and the rest of Asia is as afraid of the implications and consequences of open conflict in the Korean Penninsula.

If the Obama Administration, and the Democrat leadership, are not up to the task war is likely. If the world fears that America will not stand strong, such a war will spread. Such an outcome will devolve into a situation in which the youth of America will learn the cost of war and freedom that has been paid by our veterans of wars past. A lesson that will likely cost millions of lives, American lives.

We at M V Consulting are scared. Because we understand the ramifications of open war for the Korean nations. It is a scenario in which the world loses much and America can lose the most. Especially with a Commander-n-Chief who has appeared more willing to bow and defer rather than lead.

This is one of the moments that try a nation. This is the moment that Vice President Biden once promised would happen. We only hope that we are wrong, or failing that that President Obama rises to the need of the nation.

Pay attention. If this goes badly, it will do so quickly. And then words will not be enough.

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About the Author

Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

9 Comments on "North Korea – the threat we only talk about"

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    Sir Percy

    You forget to mention that it has been US and South Korea conducting threatening military drills over and over like now and sometime crossed over 38 parallel line due to a secret investiagaion of the false flag sinking of Chernon warship.
    USA and the cohorts are eager to go to war with China, she just may grant the wishes. You may not like what you are wishing for.

  2. comment as found at


    are you retarded? what nation in their right mind would want to go to war??? obviously north korea is not in their right mind.

  3. comment as found at


    yes lets spend another trillion dollar and go to War with North Korea

  4. @Sir Percy

    You make allegations without a shred of proof. Yet it is factual that North Korea has followed a path to militarize, while denying its own people food and development, for 57 years. Conspiracies aside, North Korea attacked civillians without provocation. Do you support that?

  5. @Anon,
    No one, except you, is encouraging or suggesting a war. In fact, taking a strong stance is a means to prevent a war. Unless you think all the kind words and offers to speak have convinced North Korea to truly be creating nuclear power plants with that uranium enricment they just revealed.

  6. comment as found at

    Sir Percy

    Actions are louder than words.
    If South Korea and US do not want to topple Noth Korea, why then conducting so many military drills and cross the line?

  7. You mean besides being a response to those same sort of drill conducted by North Korea? Or did you forget all the missile launches last summer as President Obama asked nicely for them to stop?

  8. comment as found at

    Sir Percy

    I am not predicting or advocating World War III. But the racists have been abusing people for so long it is hard for them to change the old habits. When they keep on pushing the envelop, it can burst with an accident

  9. Racists? What are you talking about?

    Kim Jong-Il has abused his own people for decades. He denies them food and shelter, because he singlemindedly is focused on his military. He avoids speaking in 6 nation talks, or any talks, and attempts to use force to gain further supplies for his army. Even China is nervous in regard to that nation.

    Stay on topic, North Korea attacked and killed civillians without provocation. I think that can be called an abuse, don’t you?

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