Salt no, Healthcare yes – where are you?

Have you noticed a trend in Government lately? You can see it on the West Coast and the East Coast, as well as in Washington DC. It’s the trend in Government making decisions for you, whether you want them to or not.

Yes of course this is about the Health Care Reform, but it is more than just that. In California, the State that pushed for the cigarette smoking bans, the State where the call for legalizing marijuana (beyond the mediacal marijuana being abused now) is marching, McDonald’s is being forced to substitute apple slices for french fries.

In New York, where cigarette smokers are penalized in taxes (the tax cost of a pack of cigarettes is equal to the actual cost of the product), an attempt has been made to effectively ban sugar, and salt is currently being attacked.

The question is not if these things are good for you – in moderation almost anything is fine. The fact is that the Government is deciding that they are not good, and that adult citizens are too stupid to realize it.

President Obama spent more than a year explaining why the Health Care Reform was such a great idea, to a populace that he now claims just couldn’t understand what he was saying.

California passes law after law defining the right food and lifestyle choices for it’s populace. Laws that not only affect an individual in public, but even when they are in their homes – one town in California tried to make illegal cigarette smoking in individual apartment buildings.

Mayor Bloomberg has led the State of New York in demonizing cigarette smoking. The tax is so high that anyone not traveling to New Jersey, Conneticutt, Pensylvania or anywhere else to buy cigarettes is insane. The cost to bars and other businesses has cut 30% from the revenue stream that has never been replaced, just like the jobs that went with that revenue. He has now decided that salt is no good too.

Anti-salt ad in NYC paid for by taxes

Anti-salt ad in NYC paid for by taxes

There is a rumor that Mayor Bloomberg might run for President. That he will run as a third-party candidate, using upwards of $1 billion of his own money to run. That would make 2 candidates (including President Obama) that believe they know what is best for your life, and you are too dumb to realize it.

Governor Paterson made his own attack against sugar. He sought to increase taxes on food and drinks with sugar content. He sought to ban those receiving any form of State aid (which in the middle of the current recession encompasses a huge portion of the population) from purchasing such foods.

In each case the view of President Obama and the far-left can be heard. The public is too dumb to understand what is best, so the Government will decide. The Government will decide what you buy, and penalize those who foolishly make a choice they don’t like.

What will be next? What will the Government decide you are too idiotic to understand is in your best interest? What might be the next thing that Mayor Bloomberg gives up and therefore the City of New York must also be denied? What else might the Government decide you must purchase for your own good?

Is America a nation so dumb that we need a Government decide every spoonful of food we put in our mouth? Are we so insipid that we must have a Government decide where our money will be spent? Are we so incapable of decision that a group of politicians, and their political agendas, must decide what clothes we wear, what devices we run in our homes, what car we buy, even the color of our homes?

Perhaps you think this is silly. That things aren’t so bad.

The Obama Stimulus contained provisions that suggested homeowners paint their roofs white to save on energy costs. Cap & Trade seeks to raise the cost of energy, via taxes, roughly 150% or more and thus force conservation of energy. The Government bailout of the auto industry has forced the industry to increase research, development, and production of electric and hybrid cars that the marketplace does not want.

And if you think that special interests are only a thing Republicans are used by, consider the renewable energy sector. Of course former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s $250,000 investment in a wind energy corporation had nothing to do with her insistance on wind and solar energy being the only alternatives to oil that America considers. How about Unions that seek to grow with the amnesty of illegal aliens and changes to unionization voting rules. What about all the initiatives that George Soros and the far-left demand in exchange for their votes and donations?

How far away from direction on your next spoonful of food do you really think we are? Of course, like all trends this too can end. All it requires is that you pay attentions to the laws proposed. That you stay involved in the process and tell politicians what laws you oppose and need clarification on. Those that don’t follow the will of the constituent? Vote them out and replace them with someone who will.

We are in a trend, some might say a rut. Government is slowly telling the public what to do because we are too dumb to know better. We think it’s a trend that needs to end. Do you agree?

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

6 Comments on "Salt no, Healthcare yes – where are you?"

  1. Um whats funny is some people liek elderly or some diseas cases do worse on low salt diets. Too much salt is bad yes but some salt is needed. This is why i prefer tellign my government is cannot tell me what to eat,drink or smoke [provided i smoked i don’t smoke casue I just can’t stand it in the first place so never got into it] this is stupid why do I a adault need the government to tell me what i can eat? trick questiosn I don’t!

  2. It’s called social engeneering… something the dems in general and the progressives in particular believe is their mandate.

  3. I actually have doctors telling me to drink less water and put more salt in my diet. So yeah, the government telling me what to eat can kiss my ass. I never bought into the food pyramid either.

  4. The levels of sodium (salt) used in commercial foods is obscene and unneccessary. It is deliberately used to produce a salt addiction, and produces massive health problems. The same issue relates to sugar(sucrose) and other simple carbohydrates (fructose, lactose, etc) which are substituted for sugar but are essentially the same thing.

    That said I think there should be more of it. The world has huge population problems and killing off a few extra people because they are too stupid to regulate the greedy billionaires who produce their food seems a good idea. There has been way to much encouragement of people to be healthy and this is increasing the demand on the tax payer for things like aged care, and medical resources. The average age is rising, and this is directly related to improvements in healthcare and diet etc. This is detrimental to the planet in it’s contribution to over population. 1000 years ago the average life expectancy of a male was about 32years. It really only started increasing dramatically in the late 19th century. if the ALE was still 32 we would not have nearly the problems with over population, pollution, starvation, lack of resources, peak oil and so on.

    The taxing of cigarettes falls in the same category. We need people to poison themselves and kill themselves for the same reason. How dare they tell us to pay more for cigarettes. You should see what it is like in Australia where the average cost is getting close to $15.00 for a pack of 20. If the price of cigarettes were dropped, far more people would be dying sooner. What a boon for the health care industry, more people employed and a general reduction in population. We need things like cigarettes to kill off population and save the planet. If I could find it, I would find something more toxic and addictive that did the job better.

    Salt, sugar, tobacco can save the planet and there should be more of it!

  5. It’s called social engeneering… something the dems in general and the progressives in particular believe is their mandate.
    Wrong. It’s on both sides, Republicans and Democrats. They’re all out of their fucking minds.

    Taxes on things like cigarettes and alcohol? Not sure what it gets called in liberal areas, but I can tell you what it gets called in conservative areas…. “Sin Tax”. Fucking… SIN tax. So called because smoking and drinkign are acts against god, and thus, sinful.

    @ The OP

    That you stay involved in the process and tell politicians what laws you oppose and need clarification on. Those that don’t follow the will of the constituent? Vote them out and replace them with someone who will.
    Like who? Fuck’s sake most Americans don’t even know what’s in the Constitution, or what the realities of its application are after more than 200 years of Constitutional decisions by the SCOTUS.

    Also, if you’re asking for Americans to educate themselves, you’re asking a lot. Too much, honestly, considering how many Americans flat out reject sound, solid science in favor of delusional ideas, or who reject fact and reality in favor of ideaological nonsense.

  6. My point on cigarette taxes (a particular pet peeve of mine) is not that it is taxed, but the excessive and repressive nature of the tax. Currently the tax EXCEEDS the actual cost of the product. That is repressive, which I feel is wrong.

    Social engineering, from any side, is wrong. Government is incapable of balancing a budget and has been inefficient at everything for more decades than I’ve been alive, they should never be involved in individual choices of citizens. I highlighted Democrats because it is most clear, and currently the most aggressive, examples.

    Yes most don’t know these things. But that does not stop me from trying. And it does not take everyone from learning and getting involved to change things.

    Plus, consider this. A government that is unquestioned by anyone, and is actively determining what is “good” for it’s populace, will eventually determine what is “good” sexually and as a lifestyle. Today its salt, and Health Care Reform. Tomorrow its wear a yellow star, and locking up the BDSM “deviants”. It’s not a slippery slope, but it only happens if we don’t speak up.

    At least that’s what I think.

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