Nancy Pelosi is not done yet!

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a few more weeks left with that title and the power it conveys. Have no doubt that she has every intention to wield that power in pursuit of her San Fransisco principles to the last day – if not as the House Minority leader as well.

There are few things graceful involved with politics. Policymaking is definitely not one of them. Just a quick glance over the history of the 110th and 11th Congress proves that Speaker Pelosi was anything but bi-partisan and considerate of the public consensus. From the backdoor deals of the Health Care Reform, to 14,000 earmarks, even the non-stop investigations of the Bush Administration (on issues where no law was even questionably broken). Nancy Pelosi has been about as graceful as a garbage truck in a demolition derby.

Pelosi is continuing that pattern with her insistence to ensure the Bush Tax cuts cover everyone – except the top incomes [note – not including the top incomes means it’s not for everyone, but when has logical wording been important to Speaker Pelosi?]. She will be following up this “generous” attitude with another attempt to pass the DREAM Act. Don’t you feel warm and fuzzy? Just like when Speaker Pelosi cheerful informed the public that we will find out what’s in the Health Care Reform after it’s passage.

The fact is that Speaker Pelosi has continuously followed an extreme left-wing political agenda, regardless of the feelings of the public or even moderates in the Democratic Party. The Pelosi concept of bi-partisan action is the inclusion, through force or “perks” (bribes), of non-radically liberal Democrats in policy she wants. Imagine what is the likelyhood of compromise on issues facing the nation going forward with Nancy Pelosi as the Minority Leader of the House?

One might applaud the bullheaded determination of Pelosi, IF there was some glimmer of success in any of the policies she has spearheaded. Under her guidance, the Stimulus (initially proposed by her as costing $50 billion in October 2008 before the Democrat supermajority) has failed every point it was created to address.

The Health Care Reform has already failed in its claim to be deficit neutral, and is increasing healthcare costs across the nation. Unemployment has grown, the initial stages of the Mortgage crisis went unseen and unfixed (thank you Rep. Barney Frank). The attempt to “drain the swamp” of political corruption resulted in few charges and even less action (Rep. Charles Rangel has gone over 2 years and nothing yet has been resolved).

With all of this behind her, Nancy Pelosi still wants to wield power. Pelosi still thinks that she should lead Congressional Democrats. She still believes that her path is the one to take and she has “no regrets” on what she has done.

Perhaps worst of all is the potential for her to retain power. It seems that Democrats may well make her the Minority Leader. Because the nation has so much to thank Pelosi for. Because Congress was so considerate of the needs and desires of the public. Because the insight to claim that ‘unemplyment checks and food stamps are a stimulus’ is what America needs right now.

Nancy Pelosi is not done yet. In San Fransisco they must be cheering. But Congressional Democrats should have noticed after the mid-term elections that America doesn’t share the far-left views San Fransisco.

Nancy Pelosi should be removed with the same grace with which she held power. It’s not only due, it’s the only way the next 2 years will have any hope of even marginally improving the sargasso sea of problems facing the nation.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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