Full coverage of Gov. Pataki endorsing George Phillips run for Congress

The following video is the full speech by former New York Governor George Pataki, as he endorsed Geoprge Phillips running for the 22nd Congressional district of New York.

Gov. Pataki cited the repeal of the Health Care Reform, and prevention of further Stimulus packages, as reasons for his support of candidate Phillips. In discussion after the main announcement, Gov. Pataki further added to his reasons for endorsing Mr. Phillips to include his position on the controversial gas drilling issue facing New York State.

The endorsement of Gov. Pataki, a respected and well liked politician in NY who served 12 years as Governor, joins a recent rush of endorsements that include businessman and philanthropist Ronald Lauder, and former NYC Mayor Ed Koch – a staunch Democrat. This endorsement also follows recent polling that has placed the race for the 22nd Congressional district as a tie, though incumbent Rep. Maurice Hinchey has held the office in a gerrymandered district for 18 years.

After the main speech, Gov. Pataki went on to answer several questions from the press about his endorsement. Though several of the mebers of the press seemed more interested in the future of Gov. Pataki over the news on hand, we did have the chance to ask Gov. Pataki about the prominent issue of natural gas drilling.

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