The reason Rep. Maurice Hinchey doesn’t like to speak

As readers are aware, the campaign of Rep. Maurice Hinchey don’t like M V Consulting, Inc. They take their lead from their boss it would seem. Add Kingston Daily Freeman and specifically Bill Kemble to the list of news media that the campaign is sure to avoid going forward (as if they are not avoided now). Why?

The attitude towards news media that dare ask a question seems to explain why there are so few interviews over the 18 years that Representative Hinchey has been in office. It’s a similar attitude that Rep. Hinchey shared with constituents when he refused (along with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Senator Chuck Schumer) to hold a single town hall meeting to discuss the merit of the Health Care Reform. It’s the same attitude that disregarded written and emailed questions (from M V Consulting, Inc. among others we are sure) about several issues facing New York State and the nation over the past year and a half – but had the huevos to make unsolicited emails asking for donations.

Still, not every politician is comfortable with the news media. Some are like Carl Paladino – though he has some good reasons to dislike at least part of the media. So lets forgive the fact that Rep. Hinchey avoids tough questions from the press. Let’s step aside from his refusal to speak about the Health Care Reform or the Stimulus, or Cap & Trade (at least for a moment).

After 18 years as a Congressman, dealing with issues ranging from job creation, taxation, and the annual national budget, it would be fair to say that he should know what he is doing, and what is happening in the Government. Supporters and opponents alike would agree that as a long-term incumbent Rep. Hinchey should be directly familiar with the national debt, and what Congress proposes to do about it. So the following question (at the first debate Rep. Hinchey has actually shown up for in this election cycle) should be a no-brainer. No brain does fit the response.

18 years in Congress, a key member of the House Appropriations Committee, and Representative Maurice Hinchey is UNAWARE of the national deficit? No wonder Mayor Ed Koch was so definitive about Rep. Hinchey –

“When an election comes where you can throw the bum out, throw him out.”

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