Rep. Hinchey campaign rejects press at Clinton event

M V Consulting, Inc. is not MSNBC or FOX News. Michael Vass is not Dianne Sawyer or Bill O’Reilly. These are given. Just as Binghamton, NY is not New York City.

That said, M V Consulting, Inc. has spoken with and/or interviewed and contacted EVERY candidate/incumbent (or their staff) involved in the mid-term elections of 2010 in New York. A quick look at the citations for M V Consulting, Inc. provides a cross section of multiple press events and activities of the company and Michael Vass. In fact, we have even spoken with the Rep. Hinchey campaign (via email and phone) several times seeking an interview and answers to questions held by the publioc.

But when President Clinton came to Binghamton, New York tonight expressly to pump up the election turn out for Rep. Maurice Hinchey, suddenly we were considered not press. It was a surprise.

To be exact, Mike Morosi of the Hinchey campaign at 5:24pm, refused to allow M V Consulting entrance as a member of the press to the event. Even in light of the fact that Mr. Morosi had spoken with us more than once, was aware of exactly who we are; and is knowledgable of the fact that we have interviewed Democrats and Republicans, incumbents and candidates, throughout the Broome County area.

This is less than a week after we covered the Vestal Public Library forum, where representatives of Rep. Hinchey were present and spoke with us (along with candidates and incumbnents of virtually every race in Broome County New York).

The question we have for Representative Maurice Hinchey is, what does it take to be considered the Press? Or was there another reason, perhaps a more political one. The fact that we have political commentary that has questioned some of the facts alleged by Rep. Hinchey, which we still are more than willing to allow Hinchey to address and correct in an interview (via phone, email, and/or in person), should not be a factor. But it seems it is.

The fact that M V Consulting, Inc. is not a trans-national multi-conglomerate does not make us less a member of the press, nor does it equate our readers (in over 100 countries every month for years now) to useless and inconsequential voters.

Add to that the fact that we represent the in the Binghamton area. Which is a respected and national news organization.

Thus we are left with a thought. Call it commentary. Rep. Hinchey, or at least his staff (particularly Mike Morosi) seem very concerned about who has access to anything about him. They seem to be unwilling to take questions from anyone that is not pro-Hinchey, or at least connected to a mass media outlet that has endorsed Hinchey and Democrats.

That is not to say that every news organization is in favor or Rep. Hinchey. But it is to say that Rep. Hinchey seems active in avoiding taking questions from the public (town halls or other forums), press that they do not already have favor with, and/or organizations that can be used to project only the image of Maurice Hinchey that they prefer.

M V Consulting, Inc. is without opinion of any candidate or incumbent seeking election in November. We strive to provide full, uneditied, complete in-context interviews and answers to question from anyone in public office – or seeking to be in it. In the years that we have been actively working on this we have never had anyone question our neutrality or competence – until today.

We did get into the event, and we will provide coverage of this and other events up to election day. We are a member of the press, recognized by local and State government (including the staff of Rep. Maurice Hinchey outside of the light of the public) numerous times. We will not be pushed aside like refuse, because our readers deserve to have answers to our questions and politicians are welcome to refute any commentary we write.

Some may wish to vote for a politician that picks and chooses who they speak to and what questions they are willing to answer. Some may prefer a politician that will answer their questions, regardless of where it comes from. We believe in providing those in the latter the voice by which they can get those answers.

But if Mike Morosi and Rep. Maurice Hinchey would like to respond, we are willing to publish their response verbatim, as always.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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