Art Garrison campaign announces fundraising event at Binghamton, NY business

We have recieved notification from the Art Garrison campaign that the Burger Bonanza Fundraiser at The Relief Pitcher will be taking place on October 12th at 5:30pm.

The Relief Pitcher is at 197 Conklin Ave., Binghamton, NY. The tickets for this Build-your-own-burger event are $25 per person. Tickets are on sale at Family Hobby and Crafts on the Vestal Pkwy and at GOP Headquarters located at 59-61 Court St. Binghamton. You can call (607) 723-8201 for more information.

Art Garrison, running for the New York 126th State Assembly seat, stated about the event

“This grassroots effort is important to counter-balance the special interest groups that finance Donna Lupardo. I appreciate these donations from the real people who are struggling in Donna Lupardo’s economy. They will help immensely to Turn New York Around.”

M V Consulting, Inc. does not advocate any candidate or organization. We do acknowledge whenever a candidate provides the average voter an opportunity to see them and to learn more about the candidates.

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