Southern Tier Tea Party supports BCC debate, reaffirms endorsement

The Southern Tier Tea Party made an announcement in regard to Art Garrison, candidate for the 126th State Assembly seat, and the upcoming debate to be held on October 19th at Broome Community College. The debate will be open to the public (as opposed to the debate held by the Binghamton Rotary Club that was closed to the public and media – except via invitation).

Ron Barrett, President of The Southern Tier Tea Party, stated about Art Garrison

“Our Tea Party group enthusiastically endorses Art Garrison in the General Election for the 126th Assembly District seat. Art has a rich background in social sector activities as an executive with the Boy Scouts of America and parochial school systems. His degree in Economics along with his several years as owner of a successful small business gives him a sense of fiscal responsibility that we urgently need in Albany.”

Barrett went on to say

“Art is committed to restoring the economic vitality of the Southern Tier through lower taxes, a more favorable regulatory environment for small businesses. He also believes it is important to retain the young people who are now leaving the Tier because of the current lack of opportunity here. We believe these are core principles and deserve the support of 126th District voters.”

As for the public debate on the 19th, The Southern Tier Tea Party emphasized the importance of public attendance. They noted that the event is scheduled to start at 11AM at Broome Community College, 1040 Front St., Binghamton, NY. Attendance for the debate is free and does not require reservations or invitation.

Art Garrison is running for the 126th New York State Assembly seat, currently held by incumbent Donna Lupardo who is seeking re-election. The October 19th debate is part of a series of debates (the first being held Oct. 5th, closed to the public and sponsored by the Binghamton Rotary Club).

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