Broome County Sheriff race heats up with 3 candidate run

Interesting development in the race for New York, Broome County Sheriff today. Former Deposit Cheif of Police Tim Roberts has announced that he will be pursuing his bid to become the winner on November 2nd, and replace current Sheriff David Harder. This news means that the race is now between 3 candidates, with Gary O’Neill running on the Democrat ticket, and Sheriff Harder on the Republican ticket, while Tim Roberts will run on the Working Families Party ticket.

This is interesting, and brings up a unique point. It’s reported that Democratic Party Chairman Tony Fiala has stated that none of the candidates in the NY Primary were backed by the Party. Yet County Executive Barbara Fiala (who has been reported to have clashed with Sheriff Harder on occassion) was alongside O’Neill when he announced he was running for Sheriff (seperate of the press event announcing the same news).

Another point of interest is the campaign itself. Gary O’Neill, on his own website, reports only 3 events that he attended since announcing his run – to date. His advertising primarily comprised of radio ads the day prior, and of, the NY Primary. O’Neill refused all offers to debate his Democrat ticket opponent (Roberts). He has also declined interview with M V Consulting, Inc. [though actually declining an offer to enter a debate with our choice of moderator – which we never offered, nor have ever been involved with].

We make no allegation, just noting the lack of apparent effort that went in for the results of the Primary.

As for Roberts, he is auctioning one of the chairs that Sheriff Harder bought for his staff with money seized from drug arrests with the proceeds being donated to Toys for Tots and CHOW. He said about that

“This is not a political move, its not about that at all, nobody likes a negative campaign, and for me to say this about him or the other one it would be a negative campaign, not its just giving back money, I think it’s a great idea.”

He is also moving forward with public events, to be announced at a later date. The Working Families Party, which intially supported the efforts of Roberts 100%, has recently appeared to waiver stating they have yet to determine the level of support they will provide their candidate.

When we spoke with Tim Roberts about his continued efforts to run and win as Broome County Sheriff, he stated,

“I want to do the right thing for the public. I want to give them [the public] a real choice.”

No matter what else happens in this election season, the debates between these 3 men should be quite interesting.

Note – M V Consulting, Inc. has interviewed Tim Roberts and Sheriff David Harder. In addition we have recorded both men at an event prior to the New York Primary. As stated above, Gary O’Neill has declined to respond to our inquiries.

M V Consulting, Inc. does not advocate any candidate, incumbent, or political party. M V Consulting seeks only to create debate, and provide information on all candidates and incumbents running for elected office such that voters can make an informed decision in the election booth.

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