Are Democrats DREAMing?

President Obama promised to reform immigration. From the campaign trail through his Administration to date, it has been a priority. Arguably it is more of a focus than jobs and the economy among elected Democrats.

Today, the Senate under Majority Leader Harry Reid sought to push immigration reform through. Except it was not declared a reform, nor was it allowed to stand by itself. Instead it was slipped into the Defense Authorization Bill, along with a repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Which in effect brings up memories of how the Health Care Reform was moved forward, and contained items that are still not completely known.

What is the DREAM Act that was to be included if Sen. Harry Reid got his way? Sen. Gillibrand and Sen. Schumer, along with all but 3 Democrats also voted to approve.

The DREAM Act allows illegal aliens the means to become US citizens without consideration of the fact that they are criminals that have actively evaded prosecution from the law. It states that the illegal aliens that qualify must be between the ages of 12 and 35, lived in the US for 5 years before the passage date, have proof of living in the US, and have a GED or graduated high school. If these conditions are met, and the illegal alien goes to college for 2 years, or joins the military for 2 years, they can become a citizen – if of “good morale character”.

[Good moral character is generally defined as NOT committing criminal acts – which by definition no illegal alien can claim]

Ok first question. If this is meant for those that have been in the US for 5 years, and arrived as a minor (under 16) why is the upper age limit 35? As the Act is written, it seems to mean that if you are 30, have been evading police and ICE for 12 years and the Bill is passed, you can become a citizen after taking a GED and joining a community college. What part of this does not sound like a reward for criminal behaviour?

Looking forward, how is this Act supposed to prevent or deter future hordes of illegal aliens from entering the US? Why wouldn’t an illegal alien come to America with a young child, and forge documants (besides those that are required for most types of work – itself another criminal action) so their child could become a citizen and the parents would be allowed to stay in the US with that child – as is current Federal policy?

Ok, forget that. Just let it go for a second.

If this is such a great idea, so important that it must be passed before the mid-term elections and instead of anything that might improve the economy, why is it being hidden in other legislation. In fact hidden in legislation that is required for the nation to remain safe and secure. Legislation that eventually must be passed.

If there is nothing to hide, then why have Democrats taken what seems to be extreme lengths to ensure that it is not dealt with openly. The manner in which this has been done seems intent on not allowing voters to know what is happening, and moving too quickly for any potential reaction ahead of the mid-term elections.

Let’s assume that this is not a ploy to garner the Hispanic vote in the mid-term elections, nor a means by which the Democrat Party might swell it’s ranks ahead of the 2012 Presidential race.

Shouldn’t Senate Demopcrats be proud that they are acting in the best interest of the nation? Shouldn’t Democrats be willing to tell voters they are in favor of this Act? Shouldn’t Congress vote on this in open session, by itself, with an up or down vote? Shouldn’t Democrats be sure they are voting the will of their constituents, as their elected offices require them to do?

If the answer to any of these things is no, as the attempt to gain passage today by wrapping the DREAM Act inside Defense funding proves, then there is a reason. Democrats must be afraid of the public finding them once again passing legislation that is likely unread. They must be afraid that voters might be enraged that once again political party preferences are trumping public concern – namely the economy. They must want to avoid the natural consequence of voters not re-electing those that approved of this shady legal manuvering.

Overall some form of the DREAM Act has been proposed and rejected since 2001. Even today a few Democrats are unwilling to again defy the will of the public and support Party over the people. At least for the time being.

The big fear for Democrats at the moment is re-election. Senator Schumer may be brazen, as an example, but Sen. Harry Reid and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand are weak and may potentially be voted out of office. Selling the Right of Citizenship for political favor might well be the straw that guarantees their lack of re-election. Thus legal games are ensuing. Again like with the unwanted Health Care Reform.

The reward for Democrats is the potential growth, by perhaps millions, to their political party. A means to almost guarantee unquestioned control of the Government and power. The ability to pass any political agenda without worry about votes.

Perhaps it is unfair, but a criminal should not be rewarded for committing crime. Nor should a sneak or those that employ deceptive gimmicks be allowed to prosper. If a drug dealer was provided tax benefits, there would be outrage. If an embezzler was caught, they would not be given the money to keep. Why then is the question of illegal immigration before Congress, in the most silent and legally manipulative manner?

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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