No salt, no sugar. Goodbye fries and burgers.

Is anyone else concerned about the Government intervention on individual diets? Does anyone else wonder what the Government will do if they are allowed to control what we eat?

In New York City salt is a terror attacked more harshly than the effort to question the funding of the 9/11 mosque funding. In New York State sugar is considered a taxable event. First Lady Michelle Obama is well underway pushing restaurant owners to remove the deadly french fry from dinner plates – something that does fall under the jurisdiction of the Health Care Reform if resturant owners need a stronger push to do as they are told. And then there is the latest attack on McDonald’s by a PETA supporting group fo doctors.

Consider this, people over the age of 21 are adults. Adults are supposed to be free to choose. Sugar, salt, burgers and fries are food we have a choice to eat, or not. But isn’t it odd how much emphasis is being made by the Government to dictate what we eat.

How is it not exactly like a 6 year old being told what to do by their parents? Exactly how is it not taking away just a bit of freedom? Or are we all just under-educated, poor, and too stupid to understand what is best as some in the Government and far-left presume.

Another way of looking at it. The Government is deciding what medical coverage the public can have. That is the purpose of the Health Care Reform. And the Government will make sure you pay for what coverage they decide is good enough – that’s why there are 16,000 new IRS agents with the ability to look at your bank accounts (again, provisions of the Health Care Reform).

The Government is also deciding what is good for you to eat. They are deciding what you should be offered for purchase. They are deciding what you can use. And they are willing to tax those things they don’t agree with such that you can’t afford it. (Simmilar to the Cap & Trade plan that will increase the cost of electricity so high that you are forced to use less because you can’t afford it)

If the Government can dictate these things, these life choices of the most simple nature, they what else can the Government decide you can or cannot do. What other choice will the Government make for you?

It may seem stupid, but there was a movie that once took a look at these issues. Not an Oscar-worthy film at all, but the theme embedded deep in there looks more and more like the future.

It’s ridiculous of course. A Government that has decided that Taco Bell is the only resturant that can exist – with a menu that is Government approved. A Government that regulates the choices of art, vehicles, clothing styles, and so on. A Government that is a supposed utopia – except it is devoid of freedom and the people are so subjugated they don’t even recognize the fact.

It’s a joke, but Demolition Man is perhaps the most accurate view of the future (as envisioned by at least some of the far-left) that these simple Government intrusions can lead to.

Chocolate, sugar, meat, abortions, pregnancy, alcohol, caffeine, sports (especially that nasty gas guzzling, CO2 emitting NASCAR), gasoline – does this sound familiar? Is the movie as funny if you envision President Obama (or Speaker Nancy Pelosi, maybe even NYC Mayor Bloomberg) describing the list not-allowed, for your own good as the Government has decided it?

And given that reality, would you prefer that or (from the same movie) the view of Dennis Leary?

Yes it’s all funny and a joke. It’s all impossible. Just don’t order a buger, fries, soda, and look for the salt shaker. Because even if you find them, and you can afford them, the Government is deciding what is best.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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