New York Primaries are here

On Tuesday, the 14th, New York State will be holding various Primaries for Democrat and Republican candidates hoping to be placed on the ticket for the November mid-term elections. In Broome County (where M V Consulting, Inc. has its office) and across the State there are several tickets that are being battled over for both political parties. While M V Consulting does not advocate for any candidate or political party, we do recognize the importance of voting.

There are some 47,566 registered Democrats, and 46,874 registered Republicans in Broome County. On Tuesday they will be the only individuals allowed to vote in the Primaries. Based on the choices made by these individuals alone, the final choices for the November mid-term elections will be determined.

While many registered voters that have chosen not to be affiliated with any party might wish to cast a vote, only those registered with a party can make a difference on Tuesday. For Primaries, anyone not in a political party is considered a “blank” – meaning unregistered, commonly called Independents. While logic would conclude that these independent voters should be able to be involved (perhaps even being the only ones that should vote under some arguments views) they are not.

We suggest that those who can vote do so. No matter who the voter may chose, the very act of voting and letting their opinion be heard is vital to the election process. Next to the November elections themselves, this is a critical step in making elected officials aware that they are employed by citizens, not that citizens are to serve elected officials.

The following is a list of various races that voters can take part in (as of Aug 9, 2010 from the NY State Board of Elections). M V Consulting, Inc. does not advocate any individual or political party, nor have we recieved any monies from any institution or group on behalf of any candidate listed or interviewed. While those candidates that have been interviewed will have a link to that interview (and debates where possible) it is provided solely to provide viewers with more information for voter consideration.

Broome County –

    Democrat Primaries:

    Broome County Sheriff –

    Gary O’Neil vs. Tim “T.R.” Roberts **Mr. Roberts has been interviewed and covered at a debate**

    Republican Primaries:

    NY State 126th Assembly seat –

    Art Garrison vs Jason Stokes **Both men have been interviewed (each name links to that interview) and covered at a debate**

    Broome County Legislature – 6th District –

    Daniel Fitzsimmons vs Julie Lewis

    Broome County Legislature – 17th District –

    Ron Heebner vs John J. Walker

    Johnson City Trustee –

    Richard P. Balles vs Gregory W. Deemie vs Bruce C. King **The top 2 will run against the two incumbent positions in November**

New York State Primaries – for statewide elected offices –

    Democrat Primary:

    Congressional Senate junior seat – (currently held by appointed Senator Kirsten Gillibrand) –

    Senator Kirsten Gillibrand vs Gail Goode

    Attorney General –

    Richard Brodsky vs Sean Coffey vs Eric Dinallo vs Kathleen Rice vs Eric Schneiderman

    Republican Primaries:

    Congressional Senate junior seat – (currently held by appointed Senator Kirsten Gillibrand) –

    Joseph DioGuardi vs David Malpass vs Bruce Blakeman

    Congressional Senate senior seat – (currently held by Senator Charles Schumer) –

    Jay Townsend vs Gary Berntsen

    NY Governor –

    Rick Lazio vs Carl Paladino

    Lieutenant Governor –

    Gregory J. Edwards vs Thomas V. Ognibene

Other New York regiona/State Primaries

Democrat Primaries:

5th Congressional District – (House of Representatives)

Gary L. Ackerman vs Patricia M. Maher

NY State Senate: 47th District –

Michael J. Hennessy vs Maria Pavelock

NY State Senate: 60th District –

Rory Allen vs Alfred T. Coppola vs Antoine M. Thompson

Republican Primaries:

3rd Congressional District – (House of Representatives)

Peter T. King vs Robert Previdi

5th Congressional District – (House of Representatives)

Elizabeth Berney vs James Milano

17th Congressional District – (House of Representatives)

York Kleinhandler vs Anthony Mele

19th Congressional District – (House of Representatives)

Neil A. DiCarlo vs Nan Hayworth

23rd Congressional District – (House of Representatives)

Douglas L. Hoffman vs Matthew A. Doheny

NY State Senate: 40th District –

Mary Beth Murphy vs Greg Ball

NY State Senate: 49th District –

Danny J. Liedka vs Andrew C. Russo

NY State Senate: 53rd District –

James G. Bacalles vs Thomas F. O’Mara

NY State Senate: 59th District –

David J. DiPietro vs Patrick M. Gallivan vs James P. Domagalski

NY State 99th Assembly seat –

Jim Borkowski vs Steve Katz

NY State 105th Assembly seat –

George A. Amedore, Jr. vs Gerard F. Parisi

NY State 109th Assembly seat –

Jennifer A. Whalen vs James M. Whalen vs Craig A. Hayner

NY State 115th Assembly seat –

George E. Joseph vs Claudia Tenney

NY State 136th Assembly seat –

Philip A. Palmesano vs Steven R. Kula

NY State 137th Assembly seat –

George Richter vs Paul N. Marcellus vs Christopher S. Friend

In total, the Primaries of 2010 will feature the most choices for voters in about 70 years. This is due to the fact that the last time there were 2 Senate choices was in the 1930’s.

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Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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