Broome County Sheriff – the debate before the Primary

The battle for Broome County Sheriff will first come down to a Democrat Primary on Tuesday, before the November mid-term election. To give voters a complete picture of the men vying for the Democrat ticket, the Southern Tier Tea Party organized a debate between Tim “T.R.” Roberts (who has been previously interviewed here) and Gary O’Neil. The debate was scheduled to begin on Thursday September 9, 2010, at the Binghamton Boys & Girls Club just prior to the Republican debate for the NY 126th Assembly seat.

Tim Roberts showed up for the debate. Gary O’Neil did not appear, though he stated that a conflict with a fundrasing event at prevented his appearance. Todate Mr. O’Neil has not appeared at any debate between the 2 men.

That said, there was a surprise guest in the audience of the debate. Current Broome County Sheriff David Harder. When asked by Michael Vass why he had come to the event, Sheriff Harder stated

“I just wanted to see what it was that would be said about me. In the past I had heard one opponent say they wanted the job because I said it was a great job.”

Sheriff Harder went on to state that

“There really hasn’t been any coverage of the election [Broome County Sheriff]. I don’t see much on the news, but I go to bed by 9:30 cause I’m on call. I do make sure I spend 15 minutes every day to catch up, but there is very little coverage out there.”

When asked if he had followed coverage online, or seen any of the videos and interviews by Michael Vass, Sheriff Harder stated he only goes by what he reads in the newspaper.

Though Tim Roberts had no one to debate, he did stay at the event and proceeded to answer the questions picked by the Board of Directors from the Southern Tier Tea Party as read by moderator Ray Schaffer.

The following is video of the questions for and answers by T.R. Roberts:

After the questions posed to Democrat candidate Tim Roberts were over, the moderator took the opportunity to invite Sheriff Header to speak to the crowd since the event was ahead of time. Sheriff Header obliged, and video of his comments, plus the few questions he took is as follows:

The Democrat primary will be on September 14, 2010.

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