Who is attacking Arizona now?

America is always a nation under assault. It’s part and parcel of the foundation of the nation as well as our current history. It is the price the nation pays for being Free, powerful, and rich all at the same time. But rarely has assaults come not only from within the nation, but from the Government itself.

The issue at this point is a report to the United Nation on human rights violations. The Government has isolated Arizona, and the controversial SB 1070 law, as an example of a human rights violation that it has resisted. It is an insult to Arizona and the people of this nation.

Forgetting that nations like Sudan, China, Cuba, and others sit on the Human Rights committee in the U.N. (nations known for killing gays, resisting freedom of the press, genocide, and invalidating freedom of religion), the question has to be what Secretary of State Clinton and the Obama Administration are thinking. To conclude that SB 1070 – commonly known as the Arizona Immigration Law – infringes on human rights is insanity. Especially considering that the Obama Administration didn’t know what the law stated more than 2 weeks after they began to call it unconstitutional.

There is no evidence that Secretary Clinton has ever read the Arizona Immigration Law, but based on the UN report it seems reasonable to say she has not read it. That seems the only way it might be construed to be a human rights violation.

The Arizona Immigration Law has never taken effect. Therefore it never did anything – positive or negative. It is based squarely on currently existing Federal laws on immigration, which would therefore infer that the Federal statutes are Human Rights violations. Lastly SB 1070 includes language specifically ensuring that it is not used in a manner that would be abusive or racially biased. At what point is it a human rights violation?

In fact the UN report never denotes SB 1070 violating human rights at all. It only states that the U.S. Government (the Obama Administration) had issue with Arizona handling immigration enforcement, and sought to sue on those grounds alone.

But let’s take a moment to think on this. How is it a Human Rights violation to enforce laws against active criminals acting in a nation that is not their own? Does the UN and it’s members wish to take the position that illegal immigration is an inalienable right of human beings across the planet; an action that no nation can deny in part or whole? Because if that is the case it will be interesting to see the reaction of China, Russia, and even France [Each is known to have massive problems with the enforcement of immigration issues in their respective nations].

There is of course another way to view this issue. A far more political answer.

Mid-term elections are some 60 days away. Incumbent Democrats are running scared. The economy is obviously unimproved under the policies enacted since President Obama was elected – arguably even worse off. The approval rating of President Obama is faltering. Events in Iraq and Afghanistan are unimpressive, possibly even radically unstable. Efforts to coddle and converse with nations opposed to the existence of America have resulted in the pending expansion of nuclear weapons in Iran, and North Korea. Effectively the Democrats have nothing to show to engender voters to re-elect them.

Therefore a distraction from the major issues of the day is needed. A distraction from the broken campaign promises of President Obama, the useless efforts at cheerleading a failed economic plan by VP Biden, the tax-and-spend policies of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. A change in the attention to this UN report, given by the virtually unseen Secertary of State Hillary Clinton, is just the thing to allow Democrats time to revive the theme of change and international support.

In the upcoming days the media will discuss the 9/11 mosque, Secretary Clinton’s potential to run in 2012 for President, and SB 1070. Attention will be drawn to the retreat from Iraq – framed as a success by President Obama and others that voted against the very surge that enabled any description of success that will be detailed in the speech tomorrow. The voting public will be moved by the major media from issue to issue, avoiding any of the items that poll after poll have stated as the primary concerns voters have in this election cycle.

The net result is that the UN report is both a political smokescreen to buy time, and an identification of how far the Democrat Party is will to take America under the Obama Administration and the Democrat-led Congress. Whether this will be successful or not is another matter. Still it is insulting to see the extremes that are being used for these goals – if this analysis is correct.

SB 1070, the Arizona Immigration Law, is not a human rights violation. Not in it’s theory, nor in it’s untested reality that has yet to be seen. But that will not stop the nation of Cameroon (with multiple deaths and violations on its own hands), and others, from using this report to besmirch America and to demand action that demeans the nation while placing us under the thumb of the UN.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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