Pelosi again questions American beliefs – NYC 9/11 mosque

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made herself clear. She wants to look into the funding of those that oppose the mosque planned to be built 2 blocks from the remains of the Twin Towers. That is she was clear until reactions from Americans across then nation poured in, and she ammended her position.

The initial comments by Speaker Nancy Pelosi were clear. [Note that the personal commentary is not the focus of this article. But this was the only video of Speaker Pelosi’s own words that was found.]

Speaker Pelosi was adamant. Opinions that oppose the mosque are arbitrary and false. They are the machinations of political efforts. Because, in the sole opinion of Pelosi, real Americans could not be opposed to the mosque. Therefore this opposition, and NOT the hidden sources for the mosque funding, should be investigated.

This initial comment is the real Nancy Pelosi. The opinion that was not filtered through opinion polls, or a need for re-election. An opinion that New Yorkers must fall in line with what she and President Obama believe.

Imagine that Pelosi was allowed to move forward with her intial thoughts. Imagine that no one questioned her actions, that she did not adjust for the needs of the mid-term elections and the desire to maintain control of the Congress.

There is another troubling thought that should be kept in mind though. Nancy Pelosi mentions that she agrees with others that the opposition should be investigated. Who are those others? That is critical.

As of this moment, no one has stated they want to investigate anyone who opposes the mosque proposed next to the ruins of the Twin Towers. At least not publicly. But what is being said behind the closed doors at Congress and in the White House?

What other Democrats, or other politicians, are scheming to take action against those that disagree with the opinions of the White House and more directly the Democrat Party? Who is secretly making deals that again (as happened with the Health Care Reform) oppose the opinion of some 70% of America?

At what point will those silent voices take action. And how might those silent voices act? What is the real feeling these hidden figures hold about America? What else will these figures in Government, in the shadows, do to advance an agenda that is likely so seperate from the views of the average American that they refuse to publicly divulge it?

This initial statement from Nancy Pelosi says a lot about what she feels is right for America. The direction she intends to lead the nation, via Congress and Democrat control, with the blessing of President Obama. But do you agree? Do you believe that the hidden backdoor agenda is the way American politics should be run?

Lastly, imagine what will happen if the mid-term elections allow Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the Democrat party, to maintain control of Congress. What else might these politicians that will not stand in the light of day, in full view of their constituents and the public, do that the public might oppose if we knew ahead of time?

These are all questions that deserve answers. Now is the time that politicians, up for election or not, are obligated to answer. Or do you disagree?

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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