Senator Harry Reid seperating the “real” Hispanic Americans from “fakes” in Nevada

There is nothing quite like the warm fuzzy feeling that members of the Government can impart on citizens. Perhaps the best comparison might be to regurgitation, at least so when elected officials start to dictate what is the best actions for individuals to take. Like how you might feel after hearing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s comments about Hispanics.

“Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is taking heat after he told a crowd of supporters Tuesday that he doesn’t know “how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican.”

I suppose the thought that Sen. Reid is imparting is that you can’t be a real Hispanic if you are Republican. That somehow you must be fake. As if there is a list of qualifications that must be checked off to prove, at least to Sen. Reid and others of his ilk, that you are an authentic Hispanic.

It should be no surprise though. For decades Democrats have successfully planted the concept that African Americans must support the Party or else they are traitors to their own race. That only the Democrat Party provides for the ideals and needs of minorities, individually or in whole. That to be anything but Democrat is a crime so to speak.

The view might be funny if it were not so earnest. But there is no doubt that Senator Harry Reid believes what he says. Just as he and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as well as other Democrat leaders, believed it when they stated that ANYONE who questions the Obama Administration policies must do so because they are a racist. Blanket statements that qualify and categorize Americans based solely on their skin color and family background is a theme that at least the current Democrat leadership is proud to impose on the nation.

Considering this you might wonder how the Democrat Party could say such a thing. You might wonder how the traditionally left-leaning Party that espouses freedom of speech to the extreme (like flag burning) could at the same time impose limitiations and guidelines on the actions and beliefs of people of color in this nation. Imagine if such qualifications were placed on say Dr. Martin Luther King – that he was not Black and should not be supported unless he agreed with an older White politicians view of what he should be and act like. Actually such qualifications were placed on him, and he rejected them until the day he was killed for his individuality and beliefs.

Sen. Harry Reid’s staff have said in his defense

“Sen. Reid’s contention was simply that he doesn’t understand how anyone, Hispanic or otherwise, would vote for Republican candidates because they oppose saving teachers’ jobs, oppose job-creating tax incentives for small businesses, oppose investments in job-creating clean energy projects, and oppose the help for struggling, unemployed Nevadans to put food on the table and stay in their homes.”

But Sen. Reid is not God, nor even the parent of a single Hispanic. It is not critical or even necessary for him to understand why anyone might chose to vote one way or another. Though if he wanted reasons, his doctrine of seperating real Hispanics form fakes is a great one. The super massive spending spree that Democrats have engaged in, without benefit to the nation, might be another. The placement of Government over the Rights of citizens (as the Health Care Reform does to individual freedom of choice) might be yet another. And there are many others.

Whatever the reason, how dare Sen. Harry Reid dictate to people of color what they must chose or question their heritage based on his preconceived ideals. If this same thing had been said by a Republican, an otherwise White politician entrenched deeply in Washington politics and Party agendas, there is no question that the media would be in an uproar. Minority organizations would be screaming for an apology and lining up to remove that politician in the mid-term elections.

But Sen. Harry Reid is a Democrat. He is confident that “real” Hispanics will shelter him, that special interest groups will soften his words and message so that voters might find it less insulting and still vote the incumbent back.

Perhaps some Hispanics will vote for Sen. Reid. It appears that most in Nevada, like most Whites, will not. Either way they are real people of color and Americans with the Right to choose as they wish. Perhaps Reid and other Democrats will remember that after the mid-term elections – especially if they are voted out of office and power. But we will see.

Then again, according to Sen. Harry Reid and Democrats I’m not a real Black Puerto Rican – though my skin, name, military records, birth certificate, ect., all say I am.

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Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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