It’s all about the mid-term elections

Over the past several days, Democrats and the Obama Administration have drawn their line in the sand. They are looking to get re-elected and maintain as much power as possible. Also in the sights are the outside chance that President Obama won’t be a lame duck 1 term President like Jimmy Carter.

To attain these goals Democrats are focusing hard on the issues they think will keep them afloat. The economy is good, the Arizona Immigration Law is bad, and saving the eco-system of the world is more important than anything else. As they push these thoughts, a familiar slogan is cropping back up, “Change” is still required, though this time not from President Bush but from the misbegotten views of Conservatives and the Tea Party.

All that may be well and good to have as principles, except they really aren’t. Underinspection it’s just polispeak to gain re-election.

Take for example the words of Houser Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In a stunning statement that can only make sense from a view guided by those familiar with ‘Government math’ Speaker Pelosi equated extended unemployment benefits with job creation.

You might think this logic is baffling. Because if unemployment extensions were such a benefit, the unemployment rate would not be 9.5% (or 10.1% if the 650,000 that were just removed from the calculations because they used up 99 weeks of benefits and are still unemployed were counted) – which does not yet factor in the 400,000 Census workers that will be fired en masses next month. But when re-election looms, everything is a positive is you look at it with squinted eyes, and your fingers crossed.

Of course there are the supporters of the Democrats that take a similar view. They look to cite factual figures, with a twist to isolate blame. Like the fact that extending unemployment benefits further is being blocked.

“In November, the 15 million unemployed Americans will not forget the political front put up by the Senate Republicans. From November onward the Democrats will have a majority to prevent the shameful posturing shown by the Senate Republicans. The unemployed have taken this personal and they are angry not only with Senate Republicans, but ALL Republicans.”

Of course this reasoning avoids the facts that over 8 million have become unemployed after President Obama took over, and the complete failure of the Democrat driven Stimulus – which was promised to fix the situation by now. IT also excludes the revelation from Vice President Biden that

“There’s no possibility to restore eight million jobs lost in the Great Recession.”

Still, the polispeak about a positive economy that the average Americ an cannot see is hardly the only factor in the mid-term elections. Immigration is critical.

The Arizona Immigration Law is the posterchild for the reward of criminals (illegal aliens). Pro-immigration reform zealots are demanding action, action that will be given a quid pro quo in votes for Democrats. Thus the Hispanic vote (outside of Arizona itself – where Hispanics agree with the law) is being catered to.

The Department of Justice finally has taken the side of the immigration special interest groups and filed a lawsuit. This only took over a month to enact, which seems to be exactly enough time for the Obama Administration officials to actually read the 10 pages of the law – though they implicitly knew the law must be bad from the first day. Yet the action by the DOJ does nothing new, as the law is already being brought to court. Nothing except provide a look of action by a political party desperate for votes at all costs.

It’s also funny that neither the media, nor the Obama Administration, have made comment on the fact that the Secretary of Homeland Security – Janet Napalitano – is under suit for passing an even more restrictive and anti-immigration law when she was Governor of Arizona.

But that just seems to fit with the Democrat plan. Like with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D – NY), a long term opponent of amnesty for illegal aliens as a member of the House of Representatives, she flipped her position along Party lines to gain support from Hispanics once she was appointed to the Senate and required a re-election. Again the major media, as well as Democrats, have nothing to say about this obvious pandering to special interests.

All of this does not even touch on the thought of “green” politics. The need of Democrats to pass the Cap & Trade law, which will fulfill President Obama’s campaign promise to “necessarily skyrocket” electricity prices, is “green”. Shutting down offshore drilling is “green”. Rightly blaming BP is “green”.

But it leaves out the fact that shutting down offshore drilling means more unemployed Americans, less fuell for a nation that requires it, and an economy that can’t afford imported oil in the best of times. It ignores the 2 month delay in accepting help from 12 nations with the Gulf oil spill – which is an Obama Administration cause, not BP.

It even ignores the facts that “green” energy does not exist as a reality (nor will it for at least a decade), and every attempt from nations with a population greater than New York City has failed (like Spain has reported).

Looking at all of this, one thing is clear. Mid-term elections are the only important factor for the Obama Administration and Democrats right now. Whatever works for them to maintain power is being said, no matter what facts stand in the face of the comments and actions.

Thus the real question to voters is akin to what Fernando used to say. Is it better to ‘look good than feel good’?

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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